Wednesday 22/09/2010, 19:52

It’s time for the results.
As you know, I received a lot of texts and it had been very difficult to choose.

You had to wait quite a long time so, in compensation, a top 10 has been chosen instead of just a top three.

I won’t write a long speech, I think you prefer results right now :

1: Text 31 - Fremmeno wins a Guru Cr
2: Text 26 - -Grave Lie- wins a Sum Sam Cr
3: Text 20 and 41 - TnT_Mathwiz and coolasc win a Marlysa Cr each
4: Text 12 - Omicron wins Armanda Cr
5: Text 21 - GarionKaiser wins Dragan Cr
6: Text 15 - Babs Hartley wins Sigmund Cr
7: Text 23 and 6 - pl ayer:3386113 and W M Daexen win an Elya Cr each
8: Text 7 - Gumbo123 wins Splata Cr
9: Text 24 - beanerz wins Jim Cr
10: Text 29 - UM_Korovief wins Selsya Cr

There is also a very long text which is not following the rules but all the jury loved it a lot. I thought the author deserved a prize too. We can call it the jury’s special prize.
I’m talking about Text 48 written by player: 7205329 who wins Reine Cr

Congratulations to the winners smiley

Thursday 09/01/2014, 16:57

Ah I saw this in the OC boards smiley I loved this.... I still remember this haha

Thursday 09/01/2014, 17:25

Anyone rich enough to do this? smiley

Thursday 09/01/2014, 18:24

They would probably get sponsored

Thursday 09/01/2014, 18:43

I would, but I am poor smiley I encourage lots of people to write stories haha. Actaully lots of stuff..not just stories smiley I did it with my guild already smiley

Thursday 09/01/2014, 19:15

@ Arunarsiakul man sounds good lol should have invited me i would have loved to have been a part of those kinds of competition.


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