offline Omicron Imperator  
Tuesday 28/09/2010, 03:12

Here's the deck: Sexyyyyy.
you can spread it around all you like. :3

I don't know which one would fit better, or if it doesn't really matter.
You could say that Phyllis isn't affected by DRs, but her min 4 makes it situational...just like Mawpin's revenge ability.

Thoughts on who is better, and ways to improve the deck?

Thanks. smiley

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 29/09/2010, 19:53

Mawpin to Eadh.

offline Omicron Imperator  
Thursday 30/09/2010, 03:17

I think some of you who are edging towards Eadh haven't considered the deck.

I'm not saying Eadh is a bad card - he's good! - but with Mawpin/Phyllis 4 damage, it allows a KO with a furious Glorg, Oshitsune and Tessa Cr.

I still haven't tested Mawpin in this deck, but Phyllis is a good bluff, the opponent wasting at least a couple of pillz, but she is also a good, unpredictable attacker with her SOB and 7 power, something which Mawpin can't always do with his ability revenge activated.

offline TheTopHat Veteran  
Thursday 30/09/2010, 15:22

But remember you can always use some sneaky tactics with mawpin on hand(you're not going to use him) 8/4 card who can knock an enemy out is always good so your opp will be scared on mawpin (so use your chance!smiley)

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