offline redeemeraz Veteran  
Wednesday 06/10/2010, 02:43

Since starting UR I have always used my votes to Keep my favorite cards. This has never seemed to work, and the cards are always banned. Not seeing the results makes me feel my votes dont count.

How does everyone else use their votes? Did everyone also give up on trying to keep their cards, and now just try to ban others. Would being able to see the results help cause people to vote to keep more?

offline Lunien Guru  
Thursday 07/10/2010, 19:01

Lol, the forum changed it to a card name, I mean cards hovering around the 5% vote value, I like to bump them up smiley. Tbh I didn't even know Mark was a card.

offline cockcock Veteran  
Saturday 09/10/2010, 06:11

I vote to keep occasionally, but that's only if a card I like has JUST reached the 5% point. This is because I find that I myself stop voting to ban 'boderline' nukes if the participation is significantly above 5%, assuming they're going to get the ban hammer regardless of what I do. I know that not everybody behaves the same, so this may or may not be useful to do. We'll see in the case of Methane - I don't even need him, what with Anibal still running around, but I just want to test my hypotheses.

Cards that are extremely popular will get my ban vote regardless, as I assume that they'll be supported by a number of 'keeps'.

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