offline Lunien Guru  
Monday 11/10/2010, 06:08

Characters temporarily banned by the players’ votes
Shann Cliff Stanly Methane Sledg Gil Lou Emeth Copper

Characters temporarily banned by the staff
Robb Leviatonn Ghumbo Elvira Rico Nanook Blaaster Rolph Oshitsune Kerry Uranus Dorian Vermyn N Toro Dalhia Arno Lehane Bristone Rowdy Hawkins Noodile Chiara


Copper's finally gone. SoA clans still being hit pretty hard - Methane Toro Leviatonn Bristone Rolph out for the GHEIST, Noodile Arno Lou Rico out for the Roots. Rescue still pretty much out - Sledg Elvira Kerry Cliff banned still. Otherwise, usual suspects on the list: Rowdy, Uranus, Blaaster.

Some fresh news: Hawkins banned, will probably hurt Piranas users some, but not by much, Hawkins Noel is usable. Lehane banned too, which pretty much eliminates Sentinel. Marina not banned, so definitely expect to see some all-star play. Askai gets off the list, and Pegh returns from his short stint, so expect to see more Jungo this week.

TLDR: Copper finally gone, SoA clans + Rescue still getting banned, All-stars make a comeback. Jungo might see more play time with Askai, Pegh back.

offline Gundil Veteran  
Monday 11/10/2010, 09:22

I gotta admit, I was tired of seeing Copper. I like seeing diversity in decks and what different strategies people use rather than the same stuff over and over again.

offline HighFidelity Titan  
Monday 11/10/2010, 10:19

All Stars Elo 11/10-17/10
my deck for this week smiley

finally some all stars again. maybe in some weeks i'm allowed to play with my beloved lou again toosmiley

offline engrcva Hero † OVER KILL †
Monday 11/10/2010, 11:09


Mirana at last!

offline Zee Deveel Master  
Monday 11/10/2010, 12:57

What the hell is with this staff bannings? I'll probably be switching out my gheist this week though I really don't want to. I guess I'll need to start getting used to these other clans.

offline DrTravelerLoA Senior Legends of America
Monday 11/10/2010, 14:14

Seems like I'll skip this week too.

offline maki_mUR Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Monday 11/10/2010, 14:45

Yay, Sigma is still free. Take that, all stars.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Monday 11/10/2010, 15:25

Ouch what do people have against the GHEIST.

offline Zee Deveel Master  
Monday 11/10/2010, 15:50

It's probably for the best, I am annoyed with the gheist bannings but i see this as an opputunity to try out other clans. I've been using gheist too much already and I have litte, if any, ideas of how to use the other clans.

offline maki_mUR Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Monday 11/10/2010, 17:11

Today everyone was just playing rescue (hehe), but I expect a lot of all stars, montanas and jungos. A lot of other clans too, since all the main forces are banned. A nice week this will be.

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