offline ZecuroX-GC Hero †Grand Cross†
Friday 22/10/2010, 16:29

Not only one week... but one whole month except 1 Oct - 3 Oct... the gheist keep BANed for soooo long!
bristone, leviatonn, torro, rolph, even methane and z3r0 d34d in 2 weeks later...
i think this BAN is ridiculous...
this is my deck for this week: deleted
if z3r0 d34d gonna be BAN for the next two weeks, i don't know what card i must use to make any good Gheist deck... any suggestion?

offline AutumnHart Veteran Titans of Behemoth
Wednesday 27/10/2010, 09:57

Ok look, you need to realize that these banns are really not that bad. So you can't use XU52 this week, well that just means you all get to dust off your Lin Xia. It's time to think, do you like gheist because you think they can beat every one or do you enjoy working with them as a clan smiley . If you like Gheist so much try getting good with the whole clan and not just those same 8 every week. There are a lot of very usable Gheist cards that may surprise you or even replace your regulars. It can be really fun to throw a curve ball and actually KO with a supper unlikely card. smiley

Take a peak over at Rescue and see how many of their cards keep getting banned. The average is more than any other clan. You may look at whats banned and think oh gosh there goes the only deck worth anything. But, if your a true fan of the clan, you can still do well and be happy no matter which cards you use. smiley

Don't knock the bans, embrace them and show us that you can still be good with any Gheist cards. smiley

offline cnetboss Hero UrbanisTaZ!
Wednesday 27/10/2010, 10:43

ALmost all the top cards of GHEIST gets banned (Toro, Rolph, Leviatonn, Bristone, Methane) and as of late they included XU52. I won't be surprise if Anibal and Wardom gets the ban treatment soon.

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