A billion ?!

Monday 25/10/2010, 22:04

Hi everyone,

We just reached a new milestone : 1 billion games have been played on Urban Rivals !

Thanks everyone for your support, your passion, your entousiasm thru this first billion games :)

We are so eager to show you what we are working on at the moment. The next months are gonna be very exciting with some really surprising new features :)
We hope to have you with us during the next billion games...

The whole UR team is joining me to thanks you all for making our game a success.


Monday 25/10/2010, 22:07

I say this calls for another reprint. :thumbsup: :-d

Monday 25/10/2010, 22:11

Do you know who played the last one?

so i can kil... congradulate them:thumbsup:

Monday 25/10/2010, 22:11


I think we should thank the UR team for making this game so great as well.

and Congrats :)

Monday 25/10/2010, 22:13

A billion?! What?! No free card? No free clintz? No free credits?

what is this i don't even

Hopefully your "new features" will deliver...

Monday 25/10/2010, 22:15


Monday 25/10/2010, 22:33

Awesome Yay Urban Rivals :pirate:

Monday 25/10/2010, 22:51


Monday 25/10/2010, 23:15

Wow Zincomega.. -.-

Awesome 1B games played. :*:
Can't wait for the new features. :)

Monday 25/10/2010, 23:17

Congrats to us all and especially to the staff and creator of this game for masterminding such a high=quality addicting game. It's good to see staff is hard at work at new features. Perhaps you want to give us a teaser, Fraggle? ;)


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