offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Friday 29/10/2010, 13:13

Hello all

In two weeks we will set up a new deal with a a different mode of organization.
It’s been several weeks already that we’re trying to make ELO mode more balanced. We managed to create something quite interesting but we have to face the facts: whatever we can do, there will always be one or two dominant clans and it’s logical.

In order to stop this balance race which can become quite boring for some of you, we’ve decided to make ELO weeks more fun. Our idea is to stop trying to make our choices with a logical strategy but make some funny changes instead (don’t worry, we won’t forget ELO and its interest smiley ).

We will begin with a NO 5 stars week: most of 5 stars characters will be banned.
In return, all banned cards (except the permanent staff banned ones) will come back.

However, everything is possible: there will be some «balanced and logical» weeks and some completely crazy ones.

Have fun smiley

offline Slewor Guru THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE
Saturday 30/10/2010, 21:28

Wow this sounds brilliant

offline Chef Mike Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 31/10/2010, 00:41

@mahdin_DvF ; if only ratanah wasn't on the permanent staff ban list . i agree with 0n Fire ; i think she should return , in exchange for shakra . there's still burdock for an all stop . or , got nahi cr ?
@Gheistbuster ; gary isn't on the list of bans for the no 5** week . but neither is Enzo ...

my favourite part of first post :
everything is possible: there will be some «balanced and logical» weeks and some completely crazy ones.
cannot wait !

offline M-Bison Titan Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 31/10/2010, 01:30

Please dont ban Gary. smiley

offline Overman Cr Hero  
Monday 01/11/2010, 01:23

Love It!

offline -Vex Senior  
Monday 01/11/2010, 10:09

Still no answer as to whats going on with the player-elected bans smiley

offline TalS Colossus  
Monday 01/11/2010, 11:15

Hehe sounds awesome, thanks UR! smiley

offline JonelethStar Imperator UpperClass
Monday 01/11/2010, 11:27

Ratanah is banned not only because of her raw stats, ratanah was the staple a lot more then shakra, by banning her a lot of players had to rethink their roots decks entirely. That and the fact that for a 4* she is very much OP is why she's banned. If she was a 5* she might still be on the banlist. and you say unban ratanah but ban shakra instead? Shakra IS perma banned already so how do you make a deal? you dont offer anything in return. if you were a carsalesman you would be saying you give me the money for a car, and I'll give you the car you already own.

What I wonder is, how is hawk on the player ban election? does the staff want to see him banned 3 times? perma, temp and player? I know people will waste votes on him -.- this week there's no point on voting on pretty much any 5* as next week every decent 5* will be banned. yet hawk gets tossed on the list. (and as far as I can see he'll still be on the perma ban and temp ban list for the next weeks)

offline Zee Deveel Master  
Monday 01/11/2010, 14:38

Nobody's voting for rowdy, Wake up people, 6/6 with +20 attack is gonna screw you good. smiley

offline -Te0- Titan  
Monday 01/11/2010, 16:01

Excellent idea!!smiley
Now that's a real food for thought from Ur personnel.
Small 'surprises' each week will make Elo really interesting.
No 5 star week..nice!!So we might see 'No Soa week' , 'No rare cards week' , 'No 2* week' , 'Kolos week'
Bravo to Ur stuff!!

P.s.Please don't ban more reducers.They offer a bit of strategy.

offline Endymio Titan TRiNiTY
Monday 01/11/2010, 16:05

If the ELO bans are going to be used to make interesting decks then why not scrap the player bans and let people have fun using the clans they like. It's been said by Euzebe that the top players are going to be using the same decks anyway, so why not free up Oshitsune, Blaaster, Kerry, Marina, Uranus, Toro, and Mona. Wouldn't bringing those cards into play encourage use of those clans and promote the kind of creativity that the bans were supposed to bring?

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