Deck Ideas for Next Week's 5* Ban

Monday 01/11/2010, 11:24

For those of you who havn't noticed, the greater portion of all functional 5* cards have been banned next week.
Player voted cards will still be baned, but other than that, its gona be one hell of a free for all.

Expect to see massive amounts of Nightmare/GHEIST, especialy if Toro and Oshitsune don't get the sack by the players. Bangers will be up for grabs too, however they've got a few of their cards up on the chopping block at the moment.

If you've got any good ideas, throw them up on here :thumbsup:

This is what i've been thinking of running;

Mono-tana for life baby :smirk:

Thursday 11/11/2010, 08:32

Made it to 1300+ with this deck

Good power + pill forcing + SOA + 2 SOB's and pill manipulation and DRing is quite OK.

15:19 Elo you narrowly escaped from circoloco57 (2-0): 1319 ELO
15:14 Elo you beat Einji, ViCiOuS_ (5-0): 1309 ELO
15:11 Elo you won by forfeit against VincCcceeeeee, PERLAS NG SILANGAN (12-9): 1296 ELO
15:08 Elo you narrowly escaped from 13Dave13, Born to be Sharp (6-4): 1282 ELO
15:01 Elo you beat 74intraveineuz (8-2): 1269 ELO
14:56 Elo you narrowly escaped from bogaPH, Game Heroes (4-2): 1258 ELO
14:49 Elo you narrowly escaped from FelipeyM, Escena Unica (9-8): 1245 ELO

Thursday 11/11/2010, 13:33

Rogues !!!
Best Week EVER! Kinda stupid banning Leviatonn >.> but I guess we all need to compromise sometimes.
Main plan was Leviatonn for Bristone and Toro for Anibal but Im happy just being able to play my GHEIST/Nightmare again :D(and Oshitsune to top it off).

Friday 12/11/2010, 07:27

I'm glad that your Leviatonn and Toro were banned, as I don't own either of them, lol. Although it has forced a lot of the SoA players to use Roots, which is a decided pain in my GHEIST behind.


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