Friday 05/11/2010, 01:12

I dont buy the chance factor because when its close it almost always goes the way it should occosasionally no.
On big overkill though ive had this type of thing happen to me at least 4 times.

I just started playing the game what am i missing someone please explain thanks.

Friday 05/11/2010, 21:49

'50 vs 91 attack and the 91 loses???'

Thats what I call a good game.

Friday 05/11/2010, 22:15

Thanks joker i will def try that... random saving me because im outplayed doesnt turn me on in the slightest. Likewise outplaying someone and losing to them because of this totally unrealistic "random" system is even a bigger turn off.

Saturday 06/11/2010, 19:15

But it's funny as when it happens and you win.

Monday 08/11/2010, 14:12

Click on your name, then click on "Click here to change your account details and preferences." and click "your perferences".
You can change your default playing mode to no random on that page.

Hope it helps.

Tuesday 09/11/2010, 21:55

Has this ever happened when you were NOT on random? I SWEAR this has happened to me before, or that I've done this to someone in a NON-random DM room... Hmmm... Or I could just be crazy, but that's beside the point.

Wednesday 10/11/2010, 17:35

I just learned, from a good friend of mine, that...

If the majority of players in a deathmatch have the game set to random, then the deathmatch will be random.

Hence, there WILL be times when 91 attack will lose to 50 attack. smiley
I checked the Deathmatch game rules, but I fail to find where it OFFICIALLY states this. And IF there IS an official statement by UR Admin or MOD, please post (the link) here so we may ALL be enlightened. Thank you smiley


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