offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Friday 05/11/2010, 11:34

From their HQ on the top of Golden Mountain, the Fang Pi Clang has just set loose on the city one of their most devastating secret weapons -Tsubame.  Meanwhile, the Sentinel can now rely on Kyle to find out more for them about time travel, while the GHEIST welcome Elke and the Sakrohm sign up Pieter.
Get these characters in the shop’s packs.

offline iRAWkDaWorld Hero  
Tuesday 16/11/2010, 17:45

No plz no, I got every card in fang pi except cr's so I really dont need to buying so many new blood packs like I did to tsubame, I hope i win the daily lottery for a expensive card so I can sell em and buy the whole fang pi collection

offline Poison Ivy89 Veteran Open Casket
Thursday 18/11/2010, 12:48

New cards come out tommarow. Prediction for friday: Pussycats, Uppers, Junkz, and Freaks.

offline Jyongri Senior Official PoxNora Guild
Thursday 18/11/2010, 16:48

Hope for a fpc 2 star card.

offline Hula_Daisy Colossus Immortality
Thursday 18/11/2010, 17:27

Pussycats, La Junta, Bangers and Uppers is what i think are coming tomorrow

offline {RW}Marlias Imperator Reissende Woelfe
Thursday 18/11/2010, 17:46

My predictions are:
La Junta

offline _wise_ Titan the courtyard of shadows
Thursday 18/11/2010, 19:50

Pussycatz, uppers, vortex, all stars

the next release:- freaks and rescue i have a sneaky suspicion on

offline YorkMorgan_UM Titan URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 18/11/2010, 21:20

I hope that if you guys are correct about a Pussycats release tomorrow, that they will get a new 2* to replace the loss of Wanda in ELO.

offline Alkahest_ Novice  
Thursday 18/11/2010, 21:32

I think:
vortex x2

and what about the new noel?

offline Poison Ivy89 Veteran Open Casket
Thursday 18/11/2010, 23:39

Wait until december for a noel. I hope for the pussycats, could have one.

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