available Dr.Ido Titan  
Saturday 20/11/2010, 16:55

A new group of characters has just turned up on Urban Rivals - the legendary characters. They are not available in the shop and cannot be exchanged between players. There's only one way of getting hold of them and that’s by winning them! Each legendary character is linked to one or several missions that allow you to win them. But be warned, these missions have a time limit and you must complete the mission before the deadline is up to win the character. When there are no missions left allowing you to win a legendary character, you can still play for it. However, to make it available again, you must wait for a new mission to appear in which you can win it. The time this takes may vary. So, you haven’t got a moment to lose! Click here now to meet the legendary characters : http://www.urban-rivals.com/missions/legendary/

offline fabion96 Senior  
Saturday 18/12/2010, 21:34

There a twist to this ld card i think we just need to wait and find out instead of whining like little kids, cant u see we cant sell, buy or exchange them meaning something going to happen and everyone gonna want them they stand for something maybe there stats change or something just be patience

offline (UE)Daddy Titan  
Sunday 19/12/2010, 00:28

@lil fabion - interesting idea... I can see the UR-gods doing something like that. Of course, then we'll have to invest in earplugs from the shrieks of rage that people who have invested thousands of real world currency make when all of their cards suddenly drop in value because everyone now wants the legendary cards. smiley

offline Tezzeret_HoA Titan  
Sunday 19/12/2010, 03:43

When does bonnie come out plz

i know its a noob questions but i badly want her

offline Wakka02 Imperator  
Sunday 19/12/2010, 10:27

@Cazaa, she will arrive when the UR mods feel like it. No point asking for her before that.

offline 7th Lion Veteran Army of Elite Mercenaries
Sunday 19/12/2010, 20:33

I dont readed whole 10 pages,but :

I am at last mission in dudley ld and i have about 8 rounds /100 . today expires mission.

Will be the mission saved and i can complete her tommorow or really i have unluck and i dont got dudley?

sry for english.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 19/12/2010, 21:04

You can finish the mission that you are doing after the date but you can't start a new one.

offline JonelethStar Imperator UpperClass
Sunday 19/12/2010, 21:07

@7_-seVen-_7: You will have to wait until Dudley Ld becomes available again, but next time you will continue from the last mission. (it will be new missions though) for example, if you completed 4/5 missions now, the next time you will only have to do mission 5 , if you completed 3/5 missions now, you will have to do the last 2 missions next time.

at least I think that's what fraggle set around page 25 or so smiley

offline 7th Lion Veteran Army of Elite Mercenaries
Monday 20/12/2010, 09:54

UM_AaaBattery :

I am on last mission. i can complete her. but can mission expire if is in proces?

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Monday 20/12/2010, 11:24

Just wondering, now that the Dudley-missions are finished, how many people (in percentage) have gotten a Dudley LD in the process??

offline mamboparadise Guru LoveClan
Monday 20/12/2010, 15:07

Eagerly awaiting the next Ld. Hopefully Bonnie Ld. smiley

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