offline Dr.Ido Titan  
Saturday 20/11/2010, 16:55

A new group of characters has just turned up on Urban Rivals - the legendary characters. They are not available in the shop and cannot be exchanged between players. There's only one way of getting hold of them and that’s by winning them! Each legendary character is linked to one or several missions that allow you to win them. But be warned, these missions have a time limit and you must complete the mission before the deadline is up to win the character. When there are no missions left allowing you to win a legendary character, you can still play for it. However, to make it available again, you must wait for a new mission to appear in which you can win it. The time this takes may vary. So, you haven’t got a moment to lose! Click here now to meet the legendary characters :

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Monday 20/12/2010, 20:10

I have all Ld cards currently possible, they are getting harder folks. And I fully expect stats to change. Look for
a clan ability when Ld card is played or a full clan mission with each Ld or hyper powered cards.
On another note why have Leader cards if the good ones are banned unless you ban them all from Elo

offline mount eerie Titan  
Wednesday 22/12/2010, 16:15

I thought that if you unlocked the last lengedary mission before the deadline, you could still achieve the goal of the mission. This is not the case for me. I unlocked Dudley Ld's last mission before Dec 19, and now I am unable to work on this mission.

offline krokmithaine Titan La famille de Don Vincenzoo
Wednesday 29/12/2010, 22:20

Just to repeat previous good ideas I read in this thread and add my owns.

After each clan received a legendary and they are cycling over time:

1 - Make new legendaries with a mission which needs the previous one. (With hopefully better stats, famous character and artist) By this process legendary would really mean dedication through the game, a bit like XP levels.

2 - Make a Legendary Leader with a mission which needs 2 other legendary cards to complete

3 - As there is a CR collection % in profile, please put a Ld collection

4 - Create a kind of "divine" card for winning X times in ELO (famous Angelo would have it smiley ), an other one for DM, TQ, Survivor, etc... (even if I don't have what it takes yet to earn those smiley but DM)

In brief Legendary cards are a really neat idea, proof is the number of people struggling for them. I just hope this idea will not stay a one shot and will be extended for everyone's pleasure.

By the way Kreenk Ld is not staple but not bad either. Because of his lame reputation people mostly overlook him and expect no threat from him. But if you play strategically enough he can turn the match. 9 power with bonus for 3* stars (no random) is nothing to laugh about and the opponent tend to throw their high damage cards when they play second so they are more predictable. smiley
Not an overpowered card but a serious threat if you hold it back for the late rounds.

offline LoRd_TcA Senior  
Thursday 30/12/2010, 08:21

I cant wait for bonnie ld to come out

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Thursday 30/12/2010, 21:39

I thought Dudley Ld sucked, he is a great card with Nistarok and Kolos. Combine them with Ambre Perth Selma and another Damage reducer from Pirana
and you have a great Deck.
Dudley Ld is a staple for Pirana/Nightmare decks as Nightmare had almost no Damage reducers that also have high attacks. Also First attack with fury is a strong 7/7 wich allows you to use him to fool your opp. into thinking that you wont use him (-2 life)
Hard to use but practice!

offline Endymio Titan TRiNiTY
Thursday 30/12/2010, 21:50

If there was a way of attaining these ld cards without doing a grind of missions, that'd be nice. If every clan involves grinding 5-6 recycled missions it's going to turn into a drag. IMO there's only so many "win X rounds" or "KO with this char" that you can do before the ld missions are going to be a chore, and that'd be a shame cause I think they're a pretty cool concept.

Friday 31/12/2010, 13:59

Dear Mr. Moderator

The concept of LD cards is simply brilliant ..but what i think is mission..there is a prolong amount of time given..the time must be reduced to increment the value of these characters..more over..the missions are not enough there must be more missions..and a bit harder...finally there must be a good amount of rewards for completion of those missions .. like clints credits or character to increase the value of this event even more...

offline MaddAddams Titan Elephant Riders
Friday 31/12/2010, 17:38

I'm all for making the artwork and story of the Ld cards a little more legendary, (Dudley Ld has such a silly background and the art for Kreenk Ld is not so amazing to me), but I think the power level they've been given is perfect. There are definitely opportunities to use Dudley Ld in a strong Nightmare deck, but he is not so dominant that a player without him is at a significant deficit. I think it'd ruin the play if any of these characters were boss enough to require ELO banning.

I also think the balance of missions for Kreenk Ld was stronger than Dudley Ld, since you were required to win games, not just rounds.

offline Pkmn Riolu Senior  
Friday 31/12/2010, 20:34

Legendary Skeelz needed.
Give the people what they want.
No other posts will be required.

offline ibtd Imperator Die Frettchen
Friday 31/12/2010, 21:56

I wonder how long after Bonnies release it will take for her to get a perma ELO ban :o

I can see her being used in pretty much every Piranas deck and in every mono clan deck. Also, she is great for Survivor decks to balance out the pillz disadvantage in later stages in both T2 and ELO Survivor.

I don't think there is any deck (besides full fledged non-Pirana two clan decks; and even that is doable) that won't run her.

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