offline Goralion Admin Clint Staff
Tuesday 23/11/2010, 15:27

Hello everybody,

Following your questions and discussions, we took the following decisions:

- The Divinity rank will be (rapidly) corrected to be : all normal characters + all Cr's, like now.

- An extra rank (name to come) will be added soon : when you own ALL characters (legendary's included).

- If you began a mission before it expires, and complete it afterwards, you will gain the mission reward (CAUTION, it means for example : if you begin the last mission for Dudley on 12/19, you will still have the right to finish it after the 12/20 to get dudley ; HOWEVER, if you begin the next to last mission on 12/19 but complete it after it expires on 20/12, you will not unlock the final mission because it will not be available anymore).

- The completed missions will stay in your counter and mission list.

Here you are, hoping it lights up the dark points.

offline Pag Ibig Novice  
Friday 03/12/2010, 10:57

Why no new cards yet??smiley

offline M1XTAPE Legend  
Monday 06/12/2010, 18:14

Is the staff working on character specific missions for the vortex?

offline UM - FoF Titan  
Monday 06/12/2010, 21:33

Ditto to what Deamonicus said, but I also agree with what SimonW said, it should be limited to only one ranking, but you get to choose which one from the list you have unlocked.

offline Waydo Novice  
Tuesday 07/12/2010, 10:24

Ditto to what lara said

offline SimonW_UM Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 07/12/2010, 22:07

Let us ditto the ditto! smiley

It might also be a good idea to have an option to turn on/off your list of unlocked ranks, in case you prefer the normal cards collected rank you currently have.

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