offline UM_Fox Legend  
Wednesday 24/11/2010, 18:51

.......(Insert your own choice)
......The quick battles *Bang* Bang* Bang*

Lovin` it smiley

offline lvlmasterun Senior  
Sunday 12/12/2010, 19:01

Legends can be got from there

offline Pachenkov Guru  
Sunday 19/12/2010, 19:01

The best thing for me is the mode was way too easy, 1st everytime.

offline Cashtrion_HoA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Sunday 19/12/2010, 21:17

Great for missions, cuz if you lose you still get a lot of exp.

offline Glowstick1717 Titan URBAN MADNESS
Monday 20/12/2010, 05:08

Best mode for filling the xp reserve to make pfulls, i make more clintz in dms than survivor or elo or even dts (4 4 star pfulls yields around 1200 profit, my average for a full dt) and its heaps easier

offline -Wicer- Titan Harbingers of Ares
Monday 20/12/2010, 14:25

Death Match is a fun mode, yes you do get BP from it but who cares, it is just a mode where you have barely any restrictions on your deck.
It also takes less thought then most game modes. smiley

And rich players play in DM, and get their Pfulls and use the exp reserve to level them up, hence getting around 1200 bpts/DM if not more.

offline HonorGuard Titan  
Tuesday 21/12/2010, 01:11

You can get Lyse Teria Cr, Vickie Cr, Jackie Cr, and Zatman all in 1 hand and no penalty smiley

Also the fact that you get so much bp, and it doesn't have too many timeouts vs other modes in my personal experience

offline IM _Miterman Senior  
Tuesday 21/12/2010, 16:43

Leveling up 3 times in a week smiley

offline Alkahest_ Novice  
Wednesday 22/12/2010, 03:29

I never played deathmatch before, i love it!!

offline Pie Is Great Master *Freedom Fighters*
Tuesday 21/06/2011, 22:29

Beating the (insert random word) out of those ambre/hax noobs with my jackie dorian zatman hugo combos!

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