offline HarionVincent Guru  
Thursday 25/11/2010, 04:58

I just finished my first event and i'm a little frustrated that the awarding of prizes was a failure. why? because i need to have 50% yes votes in order to award the jackpot. that is all well and good if the participants are good sports. but most losers are not and will do anything to block the winners from getting the prizes. of course if you are a loser in the event, you will not vote. only those who get something were voting yes in my event.

i suggest the following:

voting should be before event starts. event creator will put in the prize rules and have everyone vote. if everyone agrees, event will start. the event cannot start until everyone agrees with the prize rules. then when creator closes event, prizes would just be automatically be distributed. that way, no one can say they are being treated unfairly because they agreed with the rules from the start. and no one can frustrate the winners from getting the prizes they deserved.

my event would've been very successful if not for that prize awarding failure. what was i suppose to say to the winners that they can't get the prizes i promised? that the other particpants were being jackasses?

offline elchew_OC Titan Open Casket
Sunday 28/11/2010, 05:38

I need to say a few things to get it over and done with because this debate is really pointless smiley

harion, have YOU ever made an event? because if you had you would know that you often need to change and edit things in the event. I really do mean OFTEN because events do need scoring changes and need to modify the event if things like glithces happen, people want to withdraw from the event, etc

if everytime you do something to modify your event and you need people to vote, im sure there will be a lot less people joining an event. If its hard to get people to vote at the end, than imagine, will people vote yes EVERYTIME something is changed? I'd get annoyed if i had to vote more than once in an event, and with your idea of voting everytime something is changed, and considering you do need to change things in an event, people will be voting numerous times in an event and people will not like it

well i hope that you do get the point we have all been trying to tell you harion, and please dont use harsh words and call us uncalled for names, because it is just a game after all, and we are all here to have fun smiley

offline T_G_ Killer Guru gladiators
Monday 29/11/2010, 03:01

Plz change it

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