offline cBp_Fojtik Colossus Czech Beer Power
Friday 01/09/2006, 22:12

I prepare 4 characters just before leveling, 2 characters just before level 3, one before level 4 and one before level 5. After 20 minutes of play all were leveled and I have about 220 points. I was number two in this moment. Finally I end 6th - there was better prepare players with bigger leveling bonus. Will be reduced or nulified bonus from leveling? And when? Tournaments are not about players ability, just about preparing creatures for leveling!!!

offline The Unkown Imperator  
Saturday 09/09/2006, 01:51

New001 you need to change that name dawg lol

offline EVoZero-9 Hero  
Saturday 09/09/2006, 12:00

In tourneys i try to get in the 10th first places.. it's a bit easy to reach, without have to level up to many cards. What u win in the 1st place barely don't reach what u've spend in the leveled cards. So, i buy a few cheap cards, and i try to get the 10th first places. That's my little strategy in tourneys.

offline kalyosta Master  
Sunday 10/09/2006, 01:07

High score by golgoth72 with more than 2900 points

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Clint City, day.