Saturday 02/09/2006, 17:38

I need all these cards:
Dorian Tyler Juicy Lord Wanda Ninja Nyne Malmoth zatman lost hog Dieter Platoona Estalt Rebecca Dolores Boss Nanook Don Uranus Windy Mor William Wee Lee No Nam noodile Mojo Vladimir Keanew Morphun Hugo Crystal Armand
if u have one of these card tell me and give me ur msn so we can deal over the price oksmiley?smiley

Saturday 21/10/2006, 03:14

I have a few of those cards my msn is

Saturday 21/10/2006, 17:47

I have a William for sale

Saturday 21/10/2006, 18:48

I have a Malmoth, Dieter, Rebecca, morphum and Ashigaru. Malmoth and Ashigaru is max lvl... others aren´t. I want some cards like Baby Q and Charlie. if u want change msg me. thx

Saturday 21/10/2006, 21:57

I have a William that i can give you. smiley


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