offline NachomusPrime Master  
Tuesday 09/10/2007, 20:12

This is a thread to answer everyones questions about what happens with stop opp ability and stop opp bonus in the same round. Mods if you find that this guild is clear and helpful, please sticky. I was once a new player who asked this very question and i think having a stickied guide will be helpful.

For the following examples, assume that:
1. the room you are playing in is non-random
2. that neither person has played any pills
3. that all bonuses apply and are active

Take a look at the following round.

Otakool VS Flo

power 6
dmg 4
(ability) stop opp ability
(bonus) +8 to attack power

power 5
dmg 2
(ability) stop opp bonus
(bonus) -2 opp power

Who stops what? Does Otakools bonus get stopped?

The best way (and easiest i've been told, i forget from who) is this! Put all the abilities in a chain of what affects what. Use paper and a pen if you have to. The beginning of the chain is always the stop opp ability or stop opp bonus that has nothing affecting it. This is what the following round looks like in a chain.

(Otakools ability) Stop opp ability ----- (Flos ability) Stop opp bonus ----- (Otakools bonus) +8 attack power

Since nothing has stopped Otakools ability or affected it at all, Otakools ability follows thru and stops Flos ability. Otakool keeps the +8 attack power and wins the round.

Mods i would like to post 2 more slightly different examples but i have reached my character limit. I will wait till this thread gets approved

offline AGPrinz Titan The BeSharps
Tuesday 30/12/2008, 05:48

IMO soa is a much better than sob. If not only because bonuses are not always used.

offline Ink_MoB Imperator Pinoy Locals
Monday 05/01/2009, 08:33

Finally, I understand this whole SOA vs SOB precedence... Back when I was starting, I just couldn't keep up. smiley

offline chaoxwinx Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Sunday 25/01/2009, 13:33

Thank you for this post, I was about to ask this exact question but luckily, I saw this post smiley

offline _Xeryu_ Senior  
Thursday 29/01/2009, 10:39

A clarification on Leaders...
When you have a Leader (ie Timber) vs a Character that has SOA, the Leader's ability IS CANCELLED.

Now time for the wrench... Are out of combat abilities affected? My guess would be out of combat abilities be disabled for one round when the Leader fights against SOA (ie Bridget)? This may sound trivial but it may be the difference between a win/loss...

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Thursday 29/01/2009, 10:43

Xeryu.. leader's ability CANT never be canceled.. smiley

offline _Xeryu_ Senior  
Thursday 29/01/2009, 19:28

CANT NEVER? hmm... double negation... so that means CAN =P

I'm just stating my results from running the Ability Tester Round... From how it looks is that a Leader's ability on OTHER characters are not affected... but when the Leader is fighting itself, their ability is being stopped directly.

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Thursday 29/01/2009, 20:08

No, leader bonus is:
cancel leader
if you have 2 leader in your draw, you will lose both of your leaders ability
so there is no reason to put 2 leaders in one deck

offline _Xeryu_ Senior  
Thursday 29/01/2009, 22:43

Missed that page... Guess mods need to tweak the Tester...
Sorry if I confused anyone.

offline Afkensai Hero  
Monday 23/02/2009, 23:19

I have a question regarding this subject. I was just playing vs a mono rescue deck against my mono montana deck. The question I have is why did my opponent win this battle. (ELO No Random).

Kerry vs Edd. (Round 1)

5 star vs 5 star

Both characters have the ability Courage: Stop Opp Bonus so I assumed both characters bonus' would be nullified.

Kerry: 6 power x 6 total stars = 36 attack
Edd: 7 power x 6 total stars = 42 attack.

Yet I lost. Some clarification would be great.

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