offline warandchaos Veteran The Founding Fathers
Sunday 02/01/2011, 23:47


I have not played in a while, and since my return my win/loss ratio is getting worse.
When I left I would have considered my deck to be OK, now i lose most my matches.

I currently have 300Clintz, and my current deck is located here:

I would appreciate any feedback anyone has.
I also an see that i am being put up against people who are level 80+, why do i get someone so much higher atleast 75% of the time?



offline Metalniro Master  
Friday 07/01/2011, 17:38

Mate that link doesn't work

offline Caelus Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Friday 07/01/2011, 22:45

The link doesn't work. As to your question about your match up it's pretty much random and unpredictable. Not much you can do.

offline HonorGuard Titan  
Saturday 08/01/2011, 00:03

As to your question about your match up it's pretty much random and unpredictable

Nope, it's based on the star count of the decks, ie lower star decks fact off vs lower star decks (and perhaps lower level players too)
That's how people can use 26* decks in T2 with success, since they don't have to worry about a 35*+ matchup, plus they get lv 10s on occasion

offline (WMD Tiger) Novice  
Saturday 08/01/2011, 19:06

You are right, lower star count faces of against lower star count, but not lower level. Most of the expert level 60+ players use 2/3 star Montana or Uppers so they get paired with weak players and win easily with 2 stars, giving them more points.

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