offline Billyanaire Senior   star
Sunday 14/10/2007, 08:37

Ive got few cards im sellin just ask me what ive got in 1 of the clans and ill tell ya

offline roadkill1234 Guru  
Tuesday 06/11/2007, 10:40

Mail me on what you got, Ulu Watu and Pussycats only

offline HAN Pussycat Veteran  
Tuesday 06/11/2007, 11:19

Striker for 1k

offline Issa WMD Senior  
Tuesday 06/11/2007, 12:37

Can I you sell me a Splata minimum level similar to luke's price?

offline _Mr-I_ Senior  
Thursday 15/11/2007, 20:37

Do you have Zdrone or Havok tell me

offline nickname1 Veteran  
Friday 16/11/2007, 00:06

What do u have for La Junta and all star pm me plz. ty

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Friday 16/11/2007, 07:06

Do you have Bridget?

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