offline HotShot888 Guru  
Sunday 30/01/2011, 15:49

Hello. As I have noticed, many people seem to dislike Scott Ld and say he's not worth having the Ld status (not to mention that players have no right to tell what is legendary and what isn't)

I would say this in Scott's comments, but I'm sure the angry crowd would just rate it down until it's gone.

Of course he may not be the greatest as an individual card. But he's in Rescue. SoA and/or SoB usually smack Rescue badly. Scott Ld is stable. How difficult is it to win with Ghoub and Glosh when facing a SoB? What's the point of winning with Suzie against SoA?

One other things to mention.. He is a DR. 2 min 2 isn't really that bad. Could be better but.. Wait a second.. There are 2 other DRs in the clan? And all 3 together reduce opponent damage by 7? Of course you won't always get all 3 in hand, but Rescue DRs are a serious threat. Basically, you have to go through 17-19 attack to avoid getting 3-4 damage, and yet you get your damage reduced. And what if someone adds a couple of pillz to the DRs? Their damage is pretty high. Maybe not for Scott, but his power makes up for it. And if you do get 2 or more DRs in your hand, you can play a few mind tricks on your opponent, especially since you have quite an overpowered bonus.

So please.. Stop calling him useless. Rough stats aren't the best, that's a fact, but combined with his ability and bonus, Scott is quite a good, defensive card which can disrupt enemy strategy.

offline kready12 Master R-E-K-T-A
Sunday 07/10/2012, 16:05

Ok! got it! thank for the info! smiley

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