offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 01/02/2011, 17:24

Hello all,

We are glad to announce that Urban Rivals is now available in Czech and Romanian.
All our Czech and Romanian players will be able to have their own forum and community.
If you want to change the language of the site, click on the language menu on the left side of the search tool.

Have fun!

offline Oujeee Senior  
Saturday 28/05/2011, 00:47

smiley would be great when u improve Czech language in this game smiley becoase some translations r not so good and lot of characters r missing so its prety hard to understand smiley i had to turn it in English so i can understand :o)

offline spagr Colossus Army of Elite Mercenaries
Thursday 02/06/2011, 17:58

I just saw you advertisement on Youtube pages ! First impression - it is really nice and eyecatching!!!
( )

Just 2 suggestions -
- the repeatng of animation is limited. If you watch the video more than 60 secs, the banner becomes static and not so interesting.
( )
- there is grammar mistake on the banner. "Level" in English is "úroveň" in Czech. "úroven" is not correct, you need to add "ˇ" (hook) above "n".

offline Daevin Legend Army of Elite Mercenaries
Saturday 04/06/2011, 12:10

In Czech version is disabled selling cards. If I click on Prodat tuto postavu(Sell this charatcter) nothing happand. In english version it works correct.

offline EmAndroX Senior  
Sunday 25/09/2011, 15:38

I'm honestly getting disgusted at how romanian players behave... we should have an additional romanian mod and track all the card comments, they'll pull their hairs out when they'll read them...good job for the rest of the communities but please take romanians out, this is my opinion and mine only if others have something to say they can go ahead and say it but honestly there are too many people that just don't know how to behave and how to act properly. *disgusted*

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