offline Saveroftime Hero TRiNiTY
Saturday 05/02/2011, 09:39

Yeah, that's right. my praxie + 7 fang pi.
6 wins& 1 lose in a row and stood 1st in that deathmatch with 430 points.

offline Saveroftime Hero TRiNiTY
Wednesday 09/02/2011, 10:24

Why does this thread is in fist page, and why does only this thread has 27 massages smiley
& finally why does peoples rating my deck red smiley

offline Godsarereal Veteran  
Wednesday 09/02/2011, 10:34

I think Shila Cat, Busy Cat and Selina are the same person

offline Saveroftime Hero TRiNiTY
Wednesday 09/02/2011, 10:58

@ GodWTF ,
now you are creaping me out smileysmileysmiley
Why should i make 3 accounts when i have full fang pi clang and more good caracters. smiley

offline Saveroftime Hero TRiNiTY
Wednesday 09/02/2011, 11:01

This should be private. but i am telling.
I know busy cat's password smiley But we are not same. cuz , She is my ....... Ask her, she is your friend smiley

offline Sarmin Novice  
Wednesday 09/02/2011, 11:09

@ GodWTF ,
will you stop stalking Miss selina.?

offline Nafis cool Senior  
Wednesday 09/02/2011, 11:28

Miss selian u maybe big from me. But i like to support all kind of female player.
Praxie is a junk card , throw it way. I am not interesed in this game
i sent you a Hatoori . i do not have any stars bt i am allowded to sell 1 caracters in day.

I do not know that Shila-cat and Selina is same or not. But i know busy cat is not same
If anyone want to replied my massage , i will not read it. i open my account 2 days in a month. i do not comment on any other things, i just help peoples. i also do not fight I comment here just because someone is complining about busy-cat

offline 1(Me) Senior  
Wednesday 09/02/2011, 11:43

@ God guy ,
already said 3 names , any other name remind to say smiley ?

offline Saveroftime Hero TRiNiTY
Wednesday 09/02/2011, 12:12

I have nothing to say stranger Nafis.Because he will not read it . it he is really a strange kid. smiley @
@ B.Cat , do you know that germany kid ?
Now i am really closing this subject.
My next Thread is coming with the new preset which one has Hattori and Chan .
Stay toon with me !!!!!!

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