offline Payapawaski Master  
Monday 07/02/2011, 09:41

I would really like a deathmatch room but instead of JUST exp that we are suppose to win.
They should add like a reward every round.

For example:
1st one to win a round 60exp + 60 clintz
Normal win: 50exp 50 clintz
Lose: 20exp 20clintz.

It's like for every the exp and clintz you are getting are equal.
And if a player reaches over 500exp in 20minutes he/she will be rewarded 1 credit.

This would be a HUGE help to those who are complaining how hard it is to make clintz 12-15 clintz a win.

Or perhaps making a separate room where exp is normal and clintz is large =)

Thank you for your time and I hope you think about my suggestion =)

offline TCG_Kris Senior  
Monday 07/02/2011, 13:20

Yeah.... Survivor is hard mainly because of the high amount of clintz a person can win. If they didn't have it like they did, then people would be able to earn a ton of clintz and throw the market off balance and make the game even harder for new players.

The best advice I have is to just keep trying at Survivor. Doing 1 run a day won't earn you much but trying maybe, 10 or 20 times is decent.

Also, take advantage of the DTs. 50 clintz for 1 battle in a DT is pretty nice considering how many DTs there are. You figure, 12 a day. If you only play half of them a day, that's 6. At 50 clintz each, that's 300 clintz. If you play 5 days a week, thats 1500 clintz. For a month, thats 6000 clintz. Just from playing 1 battle in a DT and only counting the clintz from DTs.

If you play enough to get credits in a DT, then that's more clintz and also 3 new cards every 20 DTs which can equal a lot of clintz depending on the cards you manage to get.

It's a nice suggestion though. I'd actually like being able to earn a Credit for getting 500+ in a DM.

offline E10din Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Monday 07/02/2011, 18:17

I agree that it would be nice to have an easier way to earn clintz, but at the same time there's that thing called inflation that we need to worry about. i think if the staff were to put a room like that in the game they would either need to put a cap on the number of games playable in a day, or raise kates tax, which would have people complaining about how kate steals even more of their money. so it would be nice, but it would completely change the game, and not in a good way.

offline Neon-chan Imperator  
Monday 07/02/2011, 20:42

Of course it sounds better to get clintz easy but DM is not there to accumulate clintz fast and easy. The Clitz formats are mostly Survivor and daily.

In daily, you can easily win ~1k (avrg. top100 finish in a daytime daily) every second hour with a solid deck and the endurance to play the full hour. Increase your skill and deckpower and you can aim for the top spotts and earn 3k+.

Survivor is more skilltesting, but also offers a high reward. Once you are able to get double digit runs regulary, it's really worth it.

Adding so much clintz to DM would render daily useless. The split DM = xp, daily = clintz is imho well balanced.

+500 score = credit on the other hand seems nice. It's not overpowered because is really hard to reach and even with a powerfull deck you will probably only reach it once in a while.

offline Lord Cristian Legend United Romania
Monday 07/02/2011, 20:44

Xp can be turned into pfulls which can be sold for at least 60% profit.
i make a few 4* pfulls everyday with the xp i get from playing. If you have the patience to tweak them (get them to over 4850xp) you will get a huge profit off them.

offline Izy7 Moderator Open Casket
Monday 07/02/2011, 20:48

Better should be room for Knock out mode, like- 16 or 32 players starts tournament.
After first stage there stay half amount of players and like that when there will be one winner..

offline Payapawaski Master  
Tuesday 08/02/2011, 02:52

Or half the exp we get is the clintz that we can get per game =) Well it's a pretty tough suggestion but, I know they'll find a way =)

offline 1(Me) Senior  
Wednesday 09/02/2011, 11:36

Lol ! if this room really comes to town, everyone will turn in to a rich players smiley

offline Jobys Revenge Master  
Thursday 10/02/2011, 05:26

IMHO death match is good for one thing....leveling up quicker. That's not a bad thing, I just see it as it's primary purpose.

offline iRAWkDaWorld Hero  
Thursday 10/02/2011, 18:44




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