Friday 04/03/2011, 11:18

A star of the small screen arrives in town!
To promote her new show on Clint TV, Gail has no qualms about calling upon the services of some of the most eminent members of the local Jet Set. And the Uppers are determined to make her fantastic publicity!
Gail Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions associated with her. To obtain this character, you must unlock her last mission before April 10.

Saturday 05/03/2011, 08:49

Shes good, its the 6 power thats bugging me, everything else is fine (her damage could have maybe been lower if her power was higher)

its annoying how balanced yet unbalanced she is :/

Saturday 05/03/2011, 19:42

Is it just me or is her banner on the main page mega creepysmiley
she looks like an ugly vapier or somthing like that smileysmiley

Saturday 05/03/2011, 22:45

Just a quick note here,but Gail Ld isnt based on oprah fully.Level one is clearly Gayle king best friend and editor at the O magazine(which belongs to oprah by the way).Level 2 obviously looks more like oprah,but its disputable(im just assuming based off that cliche Gray suit of hers).

Sunday 06/03/2011, 06:01


the 1/8 is a bit underpowered
the 8/2 is a bit overpowered (8/12 w/out fury?)
the 7/5 is balanced

Overall I say the 8/2 would best work as the legendary.

Sunday 06/03/2011, 12:24

Hehe, a card thats have 8 power and makes a lifegap og 18 with fury is only A BIT overpowered and would work best? smiley

Sunday 06/03/2011, 12:26

I think Gail Ld is a pretty good card
Samantha is still better though
I will use this card if I need two level 2 cards upper
I don't like Wendel because his SOA is courage
Jonas is fine, but nothing really wow
Mickey T also fine, but cannot be used in pillz fight or SOA SOB really destroy this card

Monday 07/03/2011, 17:36

I guess I will never know if Gail Ld is good or not because the game keeps not crediting me with deathmatch wins to complete the Intellectual Debate II mission.

I have reported the bug many times, but UR have yet to respond or fix the issue.

Monday 07/03/2011, 18:30

Well Beer Lover that's just unfortunate.

Wednesday 09/03/2011, 20:18

I would highly appreciate if the game rewarded me for winning DM fights. I know I'm playing in right room, because I once had a situation where the first fight counted, all the next ones didn't.

Wednesday 09/03/2011, 22:17

When will Sentinel, All Stars, and Jungo come out with an LD? I cant wait!!!smiley


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