Tuesday 29/03/2011, 11:54

Hello all!

Images in relief is the old dream of a thrill-seeker mad-doctor.
The theory is old and from now on its application is possible!

For this special occasion, the top 5 collectors have been entirely remastered and will be visible in 3D!

The All-mighty collectors will spring up from your screen during fights for a thrilling experience!


Have fun smiley

Friday 01/04/2011, 17:24

I hate it when people start April Fools Jokes few days earlier. April, APRIL FOOLS, not MARCH FOOLS dammit smileysmiley

Friday 01/04/2011, 17:47

!!!slooF lirpA

Friday 01/04/2011, 18:22

Lolwut Koro? smiley

Friday 01/04/2011, 18:34

I have an even better one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0

Friday 01/04/2011, 21:01

Rebecca Black can be the new Rick Roll.

Friday 01/04/2011, 21:42

Jeez, and Lyse Teria isn't even one of the Big Five. Tan Man!

Friday 01/04/2011, 23:45

Ok £D sorry £onng $utton smiley

Saturday 02/04/2011, 00:32

I love that joke, that would be pretty funny and creative

comes in 3d is kinda old joke,
joke about the game shutting down and followed by the rage of the players, it would be pretty interesting to follow
hopefully next year smiley

Saturday 02/04/2011, 13:22

I just Rick rolled urban rivals smiley

if you missed it heres the link again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0


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