Friday 26/10/2007, 09:19

There's a bug in the implementation of the new cards that can cause the game to freeze when they are played. We know where it is and are fixing the problem but it's best to not put any of the new Rescue clan cards in your deck until we get it sorted out. -Pumpkin

Friday 26/10/2007, 11:07

Oh..well it worked for me..guess we should just wait for the authorities to fix the problem..

Friday 26/10/2007, 11:12

How does the whole bonus thing works really? Support is a very new keyword and it is a little confusing.

Support: Attack +3
Marco’s attack points are increased by 3 points for each character belonging to Marco’s clan and who is part of his team. Remember that Marco is also taken into account.

Let's take Marco as an example. Marco gets +3 attack for every Rescue clan cards you have in your hand. If I have a Marco and a Larry then both will get +6 attack. If I got two Marco and two Larry would all cards get +12 attack or just +6 attack?

Friday 26/10/2007, 11:13

The game freezes when a Rescue is about to attack.

So in order to avoid the freeze
Never play pillz on Rescue en make sure it will loose the round!!!!
refresh if necesery......
it should work.

Friday 26/10/2007, 11:29

Lol, it can happen...

but those Rescuers will not get rid off their bad start reputation ever smileysmiley

Friday 26/10/2007, 12:04

It worked for Larry but not for slyde because i was battling a Larry and it worked, then a slyde and it didnt smiley

Friday 26/10/2007, 12:09

It should be working now... we'll be testing all day long.

Friday 26/10/2007, 12:10

Seems the bug is fixedsmileysmiley

Friday 26/10/2007, 12:14

And they must fix problem soon

Friday 26/10/2007, 12:29

Yes it seems so

Friday 26/10/2007, 13:20

We've fixed the issue now. Apologies to everyone who had battles disrupted


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