offline ByThorsHammer Senior  
Saturday 23/04/2011, 17:09

If you were looking for dueling tips then you came to the wrong place. This isn't a deck helping thread and you're not gonna be an amazing player by reading/following these little tips, these are just little tricks I've picked up.

1) Never forfeit, it gives you negative points and it's rude if the other player is trying to complete some missions.

2) If your mental math isn't up to snuff then get a calculator either online or otherwise

3) Participate in every DT you can, you don't have to win but by just participating you get 50 credits.

4) Watch videos, in the trial pay offers they usually have two or three videos a day and each one gives you a credit. To get there go to "Earn free credits" on the main page and down to trial pay, there should be a tab titled " videos" next to survey, ect.

5) You can win 150 clintz a week in elo but you need a score of 1000+ (You start at 1000) and 5 fights completed in elo, each week not total. This isn't encouraged.

6) Try to find a clan you like early and stick to it, two at the max. You can ask around and get suggestions but it really comes down to your playing style.

That's about it, if anyone else wants to add their own two cents then feel free.

offline ByThorsHammer Senior  
Saturday 23/04/2011, 17:42

Sorry, made a type. 50 clintz, not credits. I wish that was true though smiley

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 23/04/2011, 18:18

2) After a while you start to remember the multiplication tables. Especially ones revolving around 6, 7 and 8.
4) Only applies to countries that have the option.
5) Though not recommended it's better you try it anyway. One week you just might get lucky.

offline XC Shunsui Imperator E X C A L I B U R
Saturday 23/04/2011, 19:24

This is really helpful for our new friends.

offline subclavianHoA Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Saturday 23/04/2011, 22:28

1) Forfeiting is fine, most good players do it in elo, saves time for everyone. No one enjoys sitting through 4 rounds of animation after the outcome has been decided in round 1, even if I'm on the winning side. However, don't time out, timing out is bad manners because it wastes time and affects your fair play rating.

5) It should be noted you're still participating in DTs while in the elo room, so if you end up below 1000 you still get 50 clints/hour, and if you end the week above it you get 150 clints 2 credits extra. Besides, you won't meet any Jackie Cr/Zatman uber decks in elo like you do in DT, so why not give it a shot?

offline ByThorsHammer Senior  
Saturday 23/04/2011, 23:00

Thanks for the one about four, didn't know that.

This is kinda related to number one; If you see the opponent has a better hand don't forfeit right away, you can still win, though it's not guaranteed.

offline ByThorsHammer Senior  
Sunday 24/04/2011, 01:21

I wish I could edit these into the main post.

7) Prize draw tickets, if you got them use them. Very small chance you'll win but if you get the lucky number then it's 100 clintz per ticket, they only count the very last number (e.x. xxxxxxxx1). I like to play only one of each number so I'm guaranteed 100 clintz each time.

smileyThis isn't a tip as much as etiquette, if you're playing in a DT room while a DT is going on then try to not time-out on purpose, almost everyone there is trying to play as fast as possible.

9) If you have the option to win with pillz leftover or to knock out your opponent then do so, you'll get extra points but don't throw away a certain win to try and get extra points. This is extremely helpful in DTs.

offline MrAdyify Senior Golden Swords Guild
Monday 11/07/2011, 11:42

Hey!can someone help me???i will win the card prize...lyra teria cr.....but i don't know how to get it from there.....will it apear in my deck automaticaly or what??pls help me......reply if you can

offline Warl0ck LoA Colossus Legends of America
Monday 11/07/2011, 12:07

Sigh ^

I assume you just wait for them to give it to you. Check your mail.

offline Warl0ck LoA Colossus Legends of America
Monday 11/07/2011, 12:12

Wait, you havent won that card. The drawing is still 8 hours away smiley

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