offline ByThorsHammer Senior  
Saturday 23/04/2011, 17:09

If you were looking for dueling tips then you came to the wrong place. This isn't a deck helping thread and you're not gonna be an amazing player by reading/following these little tips, these are just little tricks I've picked up.

1) Never forfeit, it gives you negative points and it's rude if the other player is trying to complete some missions.

2) If your mental math isn't up to snuff then get a calculator either online or otherwise

3) Participate in every DT you can, you don't have to win but by just participating you get 50 credits.

4) Watch videos, in the trial pay offers they usually have two or three videos a day and each one gives you a credit. To get there go to "Earn free credits" on the main page and down to trial pay, there should be a tab titled " videos" next to survey, ect.

5) You can win 150 clintz a week in elo but you need a score of 1000+ (You start at 1000) and 5 fights completed in elo, each week not total. This isn't encouraged.

6) Try to find a clan you like early and stick to it, two at the max. You can ask around and get suggestions but it really comes down to your playing style.

That's about it, if anyone else wants to add their own two cents then feel free.

offline 0C DanTe Titan Open Casket
Monday 30/11/2015, 06:13

First , A big applause to ByThorsHammer for creating this thread
Moreover : Any questions regarding DT cheap decks , Strategies my PM is open and i will reply if i am online and also i can give any help regarding DT (i am not a millionaire so dont ask expensive Cr's) , Also u can pm regarding any queries on clan strategies or something else smiley ...
( i guess this is appropriate ) smiley smiley

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