offline wL_StarZ Senior  
Sunday 28/10/2007, 22:34

B> Boris 4 850 cLINTZ...

Private Sale It smiley

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Monday 29/10/2007, 01:09

4850 for Boris??? first of can't sell..second..4850 is way too much for a Boris..

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Monday 29/10/2007, 02:44

I think he is buying a Boris for 850.

offline wL_StarZ Senior  
Monday 29/10/2007, 07:07

Im buying not selleng

offline RE-N3xT Novice  
Monday 29/10/2007, 07:27

I need Elly Mae, Peeler and Linda who can give me this character pls smiley !

offline 0UC K-Ryder Master  
Monday 29/10/2007, 08:19

Isn't he buying it????
and wow!!! you can buy atleast 2 boris's with that

offline netibuki Master  
Monday 29/10/2007, 10:30

Sorry JmR10 but you can buy ATLEAST two Boris with that much money

offline shyann Senior  
Monday 29/10/2007, 11:55

Omg that is way 2 much even though it is a rare card

offline wL_StarZ Senior  
Monday 29/10/2007, 12:06

Jades Correct Im Buying It For 850 Clintz... smiley

offline sorpresa Novice  
Monday 29/10/2007, 16:21

Il sell my boris for 4850

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