offline Yurieu HoA Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 27/04/2011, 23:53

I got
cyb lhia-l ike how its DR proof also great 2 star for vortex
c wing-staple vortex a MUST
neloe-only DR in clan smiley VORTEX needs a good DR
shaakarti-i like how it so solid(dregn is better but much more flexible)
dagg-best 4 star love everything
lovhak-also really solid
sunder-the thing i like about sunder is the fact that he is a potential 7/6 and thats awsome for a 3 star vortex

i love vortex but i know it takes alot of skill to master such a clan
what strategies should i used

base pillz count
when to fury
maximum pill
minimum pill
when to put who(characters)
how to use who(characters)
when to bluff
and anything else which would help me play well is welcome in this thread smiley

offline arcueid_14 Imperator  
Thursday 28/04/2011, 20:58

Somehow i think vortex will gain full benefit by making it in half deck
since i am not elo expert,then i will make my assumption based on t1
main point of vortex is to surpress opp pills by going att (diff with att manipulation clan when you had chance to win a round with 0/1 pill),if you lost round when att,you gain 2/3 pills and opp lost pils
but if you hit and create 2hko asap (ex:sunder,and you have 6dmg card + opp dont have dr & sob),then on the later round you can :
1.bluff to drain opp pills+you got 1 pils
2.att with all of your pills left,even if you lost the round you can make it up at the next round
mainly dont let you lost in round 1 n 2,it will be hard to catch up at round 3 n 4 (unless oflgn do his job)
they are really tricky to use,but its worthed with what they can do

offline sjs00 Veteran  
Thursday 28/04/2011, 21:55

With Vortex, usually the best strategy is to not be shy with the pillz, unless its a DR or C-Wing.

offline Duqtor Veteran  
Thursday 28/04/2011, 22:36

I prefer Deea over Sunder, and Dregn over Shaakarti.
The problem with a good DR in vortex is that you lose, they deal reduced damaged, and you create a bigger pill gap, kind of OP if not done properly

offline Kyledon Veteran  
Thursday 28/04/2011, 23:05

Half deck is DEFINITELY GREAT smiley

offline sjs00 Veteran  
Friday 29/04/2011, 01:15

Yeah, until Vortex is more developed (23 chars. to everyone else's 36) half decks would be pretty deadly.

offline Fatecalling Veteran  
Friday 29/04/2011, 08:20

My math could be off...but i think you need at least 8 characters to build any deck...

offline xienwolf Imperator  
Saturday 30/04/2011, 01:04

Typically with Vortex you want to 3 or 4 pill on the first guy if you don't think the enemy is bluffing, but only 1 or 2 pill if you do think they are. If you cannot tell, 1 pill.

If you hit them on first round, let second round fly straight through, just 1 pill and get the rebate. If you did NOT hit on first round, pill a little high (5 or 6) unless you are certain they are bluffing, then do 2 or 3 just incase you were wrong.

Third round, if you can get a kill (or enough life gap to ensure a win) go full pillz. Either you land it, or they run out of pillz and you get to land the last one for free (probably with fury).

Mostly, with Vortex you just NEED to properly predict your opponent, or play semi-aggressive in each round. The worst thing you can do is put too many pillz on a card that doesn't get you a significant advantage though. If you slap out 8 pillz and do 3 damage, you just lost the round.

If lucky enough to draw all 3, one awesome combo is:

So you take a loss but do 2 damage anyway and gain a pill advantage. Then you get a fairly easy win with a 6 point life difference (both revengers are basically 8/6 when revenge is activated), and another pretty easy win for 4 more points of life. With Lehrg that means they are dead (without DR), and with Kronnen it means they cannot make up the life difference even with Fury.

offline TnT-Loki Imperator TRiNiTY
Saturday 30/04/2011, 04:17

Try to set up 2 HKO's because even if you don't succeed they burn their pills then you get yours back my Vortex philosopy

offline zo1erix Hero the courtyard of shadows
Sunday 17/02/2013, 10:26

I play with vortex and let me tell you something. they suck vs Sob And Soa. use a half deck because you better off and it not a lot good 2star and 3star. i mean 6k for cwing. That a lot clitiz and he very preditable.smiley.

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