Friday 06/05/2011, 11:12

It all began one stormy night at the Red One Motel. A rat-catcher unlike any other released Xantiax gas into the hotel's air ducts, contaminating all the occupants. Among the first to be transformed were Norman the receptionist, Kawamashi the savant on the run, Beef the trucker and Esther the run-away school girl. Together they make up the first wave of Berzerk clan members and THEY ARE NOT HAPPY!!Get the Berserk Clan in the shop’s packs

Tuesday 10/05/2011, 21:26

"I can see their potential, even with 4 release"

to clear up confusion:
I mean:

I can see their potential, even only with 4 cards in their first release

Tuesday 10/05/2011, 21:27

@Tanto89... -life doesn't count as damage.

Wednesday 11/05/2011, 00:07

@maki PI:
yeah, as far as we know, - life does not counted as damage, that is why it pass through - opp damage ability / bonus

but in another sense, - life means reduce opp life which almost equal to "damage" opp life

I think UR should think about it
6/1 +2 life per damage and count - life as "damage" could be interesting and will lift Berzerk name (imagine 9 life gap that cannot be reduced by DR)
of course this card has same problem with Zhu Tang and kenny (SOA and SOB hurts + hard to use since it has low power)

Wednesday 11/05/2011, 00:35

Goddammit, STOP WHINING! We have 4 cards for the clan right now, OF COURSE they won't make a good balanced clan ready to play in 1400+ ELO zone on the first release


Wednesday 11/05/2011, 10:09

It would be lovely to get a +life per damage card in the next release.. just a thought.. and it would be indeed interesting for a life per damage card not to be affected by DR..

anyway.. lets see the next batch of releases for this clan..

its the first release.. give it a rest guys.. appreciate it for now.. evaluate it when the release is complete and over..

Wednesday 11/05/2011, 19:13

This won't be the only clan with backlash you know guys!!!

Thursday 12/05/2011, 05:58

Yeah bet next new cards those clans will have backlash

Thursday 12/05/2011, 12:47

Hah! A Skeelz backlash ability would be funny...

Thursday 12/05/2011, 13:02

How about a new ability called transfer or trans for short, it can either transfer life, attack, damage or power. Also an ablity or bonus that copies other bonuses or abilities. Just thought to make the game more technical and complicated.

Thursday 12/05/2011, 16:22

I don't think they will be completely defined by the Backlash ability. Vortex introduced Defeat, and only C Wing has it as an ability. Lack of support to win the round by bonus, lack of a positive ability, and added negative ability will just be too much for a card even if it's a 8/8, unless it's a 4* or whatnot... I think they will need a lot of DRs, Power pumping, Attack manipulations, sob-s and soa-s... Otherwise raw stats, however high, will not be enough for a competitive clan. I think that backlash is more reserved for other clans, to add new flavor to them, and Berzerk will have it too, but not as much as most of us is convinced... idk...


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