After his first foray onto the streets of Clint City, Dudley Ld is back in town scouring the candy stores, determined to stuff himself with anything that, close up or from a distance, bears the slightest resemblance to candy! But Candy Jack has scattered his stock all over town and the greedy pig is going to have a job finding them!Dudley Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before May 29th.

offline awsome32brute Senior THE 4S Guild
Tuesday 31/05/2011, 02:42

smiley why do they wanna be fat boy?

offline kazjun Titan aussie crusaders
Tuesday 31/05/2011, 03:04

Yeah, having some universal time would make things easier rather than having to bother with time zone conversions and daylight savings and such.

Should call it Clint City time, and have events and missions all run based off that. Have the Clint city clock somewhere on the page and everyone will know what the time for things is.

offline Meelosh Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 31/05/2011, 04:57

Either that, or maybe you shouldn't wait for the last day of Ld missions to start working on them... smileysmiley

offline msg95 Senior Depopulate
Tuesday 31/05/2011, 11:19

Is there going to be another chance to get dudley?????

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 31/05/2011, 12:15

Msg95: There will be but you will probably have to wait in till all the other lds happen again first.

offline Mastr Kenway8 Titan Time Conquers All
Thursday 02/06/2011, 00:59

Roots Ld

Release date:

Lvl 1: 6/1
Lvl 2: 6/3
Lvl 3: 7/3
Lvl 4: 8/3 ability: -3 Opp Life. Min 1

Mohingan was always a lone wolf. He traveled the world without a companion except for one night of pleasure, which unknowingly lead to the birth of young Yookie. Having found his son in Clint City, Mohingan vowed his allegiance to the Roots to fight along side his son. Missions:

Back in the pack:
Win 50 rounds with the Roots
Survival of the fittest:

Win 20 fights in survivor using at least 2 Roots

Leader of the pack:

Inflict 100 damage in deathmatch mode using Roots

Long lost father:

Inflict 60 damage with Yookie

offline bob bobson122 Hero The Infinite Shoeblack
Monday 06/06/2011, 03:11

They should make a vortex ld

offline msg95 Senior Depopulate
Tuesday 07/06/2011, 17:33

Wheres the gheist ld at???

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Clint City, night.