offline Me10c Novice  
Monday 11/09/2006, 22:58

Can i ask why the hell when my character is using more piles then the other one , have more atk then the other one , starts first and etc. why am i loosing 5 out of 6 .. times.

offline LazyHorse Imperator League of Extra-Horny Gentlemen
Tuesday 12/09/2006, 00:17

It's just luck, we all have those days smiley

offline RufusJonz Imperator Army of Darkness
Tuesday 12/09/2006, 00:37

I just lost like 6 to 16 then 32 to 45 or so to lose same game -- sucks happens tho

offline Wylde_Bil_AOD Legend Army of Darkness
Tuesday 12/09/2006, 03:11

Because all battle are through a random generator, thus just over powering will wim

offline das-Deacon Master  
Tuesday 12/09/2006, 13:53

I've lost 32 vs 3 before... which is quite stupid//

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Tuesday 12/09/2006, 17:10

Those are the breaks.

offline BlackKingHFC Hero Anarchy Inc.
Tuesday 12/09/2006, 23:49

But it doesn't make sence to have a character with 32 attack lose to one with 3 attack, where is the strategy in that? If all matches are determined through random luck then why even talk about strategy or skill? It seems like a glitch or an exploit that should be fixed.

offline Me10c Novice  
Wednesday 13/09/2006, 00:27

Oh exuse me .. IM STARTING TO HATE THIS GAME , I CANT EVEN UP A LVL !! IT HAPPENS EVERY TIME , i play 2-3 more pils then my opp , he has like -3-4 less atk (based) and he awlays winsmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Wednesday 13/09/2006, 15:53

This is a case of cultre shock.
Europeans see a strategic game that has a flare of chance as exciting and mysterious.
Americans see a strategic game that relies on chance as stupid and illogical.

Americans, remember that this game's core market is Europeans, and slowly is this game being modified to match American values (i.e. maybe they change the random function to be less random -- like in ELO).

Until that time study your tactics guides. There are ways of getting away from the randomness. Trust me. (In Computers nothing is really random smiley )

offline BlackKingHFC Hero Anarchy Inc.
Wednesday 13/09/2006, 23:17

Random and Strategic are mutually exclusive when the stats on the cards become meaningless. If you want to add a random element then make the deck size larger or make the cards played be choosen randomly (for the attack not the game)both those ideas keep the deck building strategic and make playing pillz strategic as well.

A 2 power character beating your 7 power character when the 2 power player has not stat bonuses or abilities and no pillz played and your 7 power character get 2 power and 8 attack and has 6 pillz played on him is just random, there is no (explained) reason for it to happen, but it has.

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