offline TartanArmy Novice Scotlands Regulars
Wednesday 31/10/2007, 13:52



Bodenpower (U)
Ashigaru (R)
Timber (R)
Mojo (U)
Havok (R)


Fifty (U)
Lost Hog (C)
Igniss (U)
Bunny (C)
No Nam (C)
Bridget (R)
Timber (R)
Giovanni (U)
Cell (C)
Dieter (C)
Estalt (U)
Yaman (U)
Copper (U)

That is all I hav cos im only lvl 8

If u want any mail me and offer me a good price or no deal!!!

offline _Mr-I_ Senior  
Saturday 17/11/2007, 19:11

How much for these cards pm me pleaaaaasssssssssseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!smiley

Havok (R) (R)
Bodenpower (U) (U)
Estalt (U) (U)

offline mattyclayton Master Tigers Guild
Sunday 18/11/2007, 12:01

Bodenpower 4 1000

offline killing101 Senior gheist will distroy you now
Sunday 25/11/2007, 02:30

Message me about lost hog

offline Dx 188 - LOA Master  
Sunday 25/11/2007, 13:58

U've probally already sold it but message be about Bodenpower

offline Ooitastic Novice  
Sunday 25/11/2007, 18:45

How Much For Estalt Or Ashigaru

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