Monday 23/05/2011, 17:36

The English speaking community needs 10 forum moderators. Forum moderators have to be level 50 minimum, be active in the community and know the message boards rules. If you’re interested, contact Euzebe

Monday 12/09/2011, 16:41


Im suprised it hasn't even been announced yet.

Wednesday 14/09/2011, 16:38

Well i am also in for the moderator post i know English and urban rivals really very well
i have many people also telling them about different things of games

Wednesday 14/09/2011, 16:45

Wow! now we cant contact euzebe gr8!!

Thursday 15/09/2011, 14:01

The contact period finished months ago.

Thursday 15/09/2011, 14:46

I have talked to euzube ever before and i am on her blacklist gr8

Monday 26/09/2011, 16:28

They probably dont need any now. smiley

Tuesday 27/09/2011, 16:45

At least they should announce the results

Wednesday 28/09/2011, 11:57

I haven't seen a large influx of new mods so i don't think they have decided.

Wednesday 28/09/2011, 16:22

@ Broking Dawn1 , They will release names when they have chosen the right ones for the job, just sit tight. @ UM_AaaBattery , I don't believe they have yet, they will relase names when they are ready.

As for everyone else, There is no point in posting here anymore. Whining about the staff not announcing names will do you no good.

Saturday 01/10/2011, 00:36

Was spagr always mod?
is he one of da new ones?


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