offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Thursday 26/05/2011, 17:07

After years of training, Harrow Ld is finally ready for Clint City's greatest sporting event - the Open Combat tournament in which all types of bare knuckle fighting are allowed. Harrow Ld will confront other champions from their discipline: El Gringo, Oyoh, Hammer and many more!Harrow Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before June 26.

offline Avoid-50-50 Titan E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 26/05/2011, 21:54

No randy savage artwork smiley but a good card awesome even smiley

offline 0 McV T Senior  
Thursday 26/05/2011, 22:09


offline Vic Mace Veteran TrAitorzZz
Friday 27/05/2011, 01:32

Name: Victor Ld (GHEIST)

Victor was an orphan who grew up in the harshest of conditions, no one really knows what actually happened to his parents. Something to do with a car accident? He learnt to Hate instead of Love, until lonely Morlha found him and gave him shelter in her mansion. But don't be fooled by his looks, He's a serial killer how else do you think he escaped the orphanage?

Lvl 1: 2/1
Lvl 2: 4/2
Lvl 3: 7/4 (Unlock ability) Protection bonus

offline PixieStick Master Gaurdian Angels
Friday 27/05/2011, 01:52

How do you do the "win 80 life points in survivor mode" ?

offline Zincomega Titan THE_POWER
Friday 27/05/2011, 02:02

"No Randy savage artwork but a good card awesome even"
How could they have done that? They probably finished the card's artwork weeks in advance before the death of Randy Savage was announced.

offline NER-Smokie Veteran  
Friday 27/05/2011, 02:38

He looks like HHH to me. Same blond hair and extremely steroid pumped body.

offline Poison Ivy89 Veteran  
Friday 27/05/2011, 03:14

This is pure cowincidance, that he was released just six days after Randy Savage's death. Also one of four Ld's not drawn by Makma (another cowincidance is that they're drawing the Scott Ld comic).

offline yk-lyss Titan E X C A L I B U R
Friday 27/05/2011, 03:32

@PixieStick Use cards such as Aylen, Murray and other cards with +life abilities and gain life with them in survivor mode.

offline NeoNoire Imperator  
Friday 27/05/2011, 09:03

They release Hulk Hogan just a few days after the Macho Man died. XD

offline Meelosh Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Friday 27/05/2011, 15:01

His last artwork is really bad smiley
3rd level art should be last... smiley

And yes, opinions are like… well, you know. Everyone has one...

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