offline PiP D Great Guru  
Tuesday 07/06/2011, 15:23

Errr... i really (not desperately) need help on building a good survivor deck
first of all I use jungo+sakrohm cuz jungo opens the life gap especially sylth and sakrohm's greatest reducers
and one of it is uranus soo i need help...?

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 07/06/2011, 18:47

The deck seems fin because of the blend of + life, posion and damage reducers. Try some stop opp: bonus and stop opp ability if you don't have them in the deck allready.

offline ---SiM-HoA--- Guru Harbingers of Ares
Tuesday 07/06/2011, 23:02

Try this:
Skrumxxt or eris
Sylth or Askai

offline -Zawaha- Hero  
Wednesday 08/06/2011, 02:42

This is pioson but a sketz sacorum works really well for a defensive player

offline 0 Anderson Imperator Time Conquers All
Wednesday 08/06/2011, 04:53

I'm guessing your going T2? try sentinel, ulu watu, and/or sakrohm. I have had the most success with those clans. If you really do prefer jungo/sak, then I strongly suggest you atleast use a leader. The problem I see with just those 2 clans is the lack of power/attack manipulation on the jungo side.

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