offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Thursday 09/06/2011, 10:48

From Monday, June 20th, taking into account the views you expressed through your voting over the past few months, the staff list of permanent ELO bans will be changed to better correspond to the 14 life points and no semi-evolved characters format: Wanda and Charlie will no longer be bannedYayoi, Sigma Gil, Kerry and Uranus will be banned.Players’ weekly votes will allow you to influence the list of banned characters. So don’t forget to vote every week!Happy gaming to you all!

offline HotShot888 Guru  
Sunday 19/06/2011, 02:18


Why didn't they take into account our views on 14 life in general? I'm used to it, but I still think it's stupid

offline FEAR_dane Novice  
Sunday 19/06/2011, 18:31

Why kerry?waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!smiley

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 19/06/2011, 18:44

BotShot: I like the 14 life i think it has made it a bit more tactical.

offline kaaasty Master Face Everything And Rejoice
Monday 20/06/2011, 04:35

Ratings for the change

Sigma and Gil - 4/5 to 5/5

Uranus - 4/5

Kerry - 3/5

Yayoi - 2/5

offline skizzik0503 Guru HKG
Monday 20/06/2011, 05:42

When will be my little Wanda become unbanned?

offline ElGonzo Titan THE FANTASY DKB!!!
Monday 20/06/2011, 06:31

@216 : I mostly agree

Sigma, Uranus: 5/5 obviously, why weren't they banned earlier!?
Gil: 4/5 a very strong card indeed, but not the best and not in the best clan either. But a fine choice, no problem.
Kerry: 3.5/5 Rescue probably needed one extra perma-ban and Kerry was the best choice in my opinion. But by herself she is not a perma-bannable card... but it was a necessary evil to balance her whole clan.
Yayoi: 2.5/5 This is a very strong card but not perma-ban material. Her clan is underwhelming at the moment and Yayoi is one of the only reliable and strong damage dealer for the Pussycats... If anything, Charlie could have stayed perma-ban instead.

Other side of the annoucement :
Charlie: 4/5 A strong card but not game-breaking. She can be player-banned every now and then but doesn't need to be perma-ban. A good decision.
Wanda: 3.5/5 Usuable only in her 2-star form she is a fair card. Strong but fair. Nonetheless, the Pussycats have a natural advantage with low-star cards and this is their best. Now there is a real 8-star half-deck possible in ELO that could be very strong! Maybe a dangerous decision but players can deal with it with player votes if necessary.

Overall. I think these are good changes.

offline Shook 0nes Veteran Evolution
Monday 20/06/2011, 06:34

Idk if some 1 posted this yet or not but, does it make sense to perma ban smokey cr & allow corvus to roam free? His 8 attack power isn't easy to beat no to mention his ability isn't hindered by ghiest/roots/piranas/nightmare. I don't have smokey Cr & i'm currently using corvus so you guys must think i'm an idiot but, it's only fair judgement

offline K3U Hero  
Monday 20/06/2011, 07:44

Smokey Cr is three stars and has a bonus that levels the playing field against most cards. Three damage is generally acceptable as a three-starred card.

Corvus, on the other hand, is four stars, yet he also deals only three damage. Corvus does have one more power than Smokey Cr, but his bonus doesn't help him against all the attack/power manipulation clans.

tl;dr: Corvus is bigger but neither better nor equal.

offline 0 Braxter Hero  
Monday 20/06/2011, 08:52

Yeah comparing Smokey Cr to Corvus is like comparing an Orange to a Grape Fruit.. they ARE somewhat similar and i mean sure the Grape Fruit's bigger than the Orange.. but the Orange just tastes better than the Grape Fruit.. not saying that the Grape Fruits bad just the Orange is way better and they are completely different fruits although SOMEWHAT similar ;D

offline ElGonzo Titan THE FANTASY DKB!!!
Monday 20/06/2011, 16:30

Also, SOB is at least infinitely better than Protection: Ability.

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