offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Thursday 09/06/2011, 10:48

From Monday, June 20th, taking into account the views you expressed through your voting over the past few months, the staff list of permanent ELO bans will be changed to better correspond to the 14 life points and no semi-evolved characters format: Wanda and Charlie will no longer be bannedYayoi, Sigma Gil, Kerry and Uranus will be banned.Players’ weekly votes will allow you to influence the list of banned characters. So don’t forget to vote every week!Happy gaming to you all!

offline Shook 0nes Veteran Evolution
Tuesday 21/06/2011, 15:33

True I see your point

offline Shook 0nes Veteran Evolution
Tuesday 21/06/2011, 18:23

Need to ban askai once more, if this' the case let ghumbo be unbanned as well

offline Archer Fish Titan THE_POWER
Tuesday 21/06/2011, 21:39

Where are Charlie and Wanda and Muze on the ban board?

offline IM_Kingcon951 Senior  
Wednesday 22/06/2011, 21:51

Unbanning askai but not ghumbo?smiley what the heck? unban ghumbo if askai is unbannedsmiley

offline Shook 0nes Veteran Evolution
Wednesday 22/06/2011, 23:31

Xactly... & ban greem or unban slyth & sigma it's only fair c'mon greem is less susceptible to soa does more damage & practically has the same ability as slyth minus the 1 minimum

offline swagmaster420 Guru TRiNiTY
Thursday 23/06/2011, 01:35

Greem doesn't have as much synergy as Slyth does.

offline E10din Titan Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 23/06/2011, 02:05

Min 1 and min 2 are lightyears apart. to beat a min 1 card you need to get a KO. plus its all about clan environment. in a clan dedicated to gaining life, a poison 3 min 1 card when it hits is almost a sure win

offline Shook 0nes Veteran Evolution
Thursday 23/06/2011, 03:30

Oooh yea... let greem land a hit on u & u won't be so logical, your remaining life is 2 whats the lightyear difference? One more hit & u lose.. btw u missed my point idk wat ur talkin about slyth vs rubie+ two life gain greem vs rubie poison 3 min 2 + four damage u don't need a ko to beat slyth all you need is soa.. gheist, bryan w/e point is greem to me is more deadly (given the situation) & needs to be banned or unban the cards listed above

offline M-Bison Titan Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 23/06/2011, 06:46

''Oooh yea... let Greem land a hit on u & u won't be so logical, your remaining life is 2 whats the lightyear difference? ''

Man your the legend of the day, I couldn't stop Rolf'ing at that for ages XD

offline Mr Intelijent Master D-Versified
Thursday 23/06/2011, 06:47

The difference is Poison mixed with + Life is a lot more threatening. Syths whole clan can gain life on top of her poison which makes her a threat not to mention stable cards like Niva and Pegh. As for Sigma well thats just crazy poison 4 is massive and even if she can be stopped she has 8 power and - 8 attack so she can easily win in most situations with ease. Greem vs Dreen if Dreen uses 3 pills Greem needs 7 to beat lol

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