offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Thursday 09/06/2011, 10:48

From Monday, June 20th, taking into account the views you expressed through your voting over the past few months, the staff list of permanent ELO bans will be changed to better correspond to the 14 life points and no semi-evolved characters format: Wanda and Charlie will no longer be bannedYayoi, Sigma Gil, Kerry and Uranus will be banned.Players’ weekly votes will allow you to influence the list of banned characters. So don’t forget to vote every week!Happy gaming to you all!

offline Mr Intelijent Master Harbingers of Ares
Tuesday 28/06/2011, 06:27

CSE your not making a drop of sence here. First you say Slyth is destroyed by cards like Dagg and Herman and say that Greem is better for that reason (despite the fact that Slyth is better against them) Then you try to ban a 5 star with 6 power (Which is UP now a days) to bring back a 8/4 3 star card. If you honestly believe since Don can take 16 attack and Zatman can only take 14 think of this. Zatman gets past Uppers,Montana and Sakrohm in 0 pill fights not to mention after one pill he is basically has same attack as done and after that he has more! If a 6/8 - 4 attack min 2 is overpowered then so is Corrina I mean a 6/4 + 8 attack? for 2 stars less!? THATS CRAZY OP....Why stop there...Nimestic is - 6 attack min 3 which is taking more attack then Don so thats mega op because it's 3 stars less! Hell Frank has - 6 min 2 thats better then Don as well lets ban them all! Your arguements are not valid. You say a card is better then another because you say that card could lost to situational cards and don't acknowlege that the other card is also destroyed by them. Don is 6 power Zatman is 8 power Zatman has lower min, Zatman makes room for cards like Don and Zatman can take on Soa and Sob or even both while Don can't. Think before your reply next time.

offline Shook 0nes Veteran Evolution
Tuesday 28/06/2011, 12:58

No, First off I said greem is better than sylth for the reason that she has more dmg & is less susceptible to soa also u did state dat greem as well get destroyed by them ( they too r susceptible to soa) & i'm not talking about stars here I'm talking about the extra -2 attack manip that don has over zatman & the difference in dmg 4get about the stars. Look at it this way marina vs zatman... marina loses the round zatman inflicts one dmg if it were don you have 5 dmg +1 more than zatman's original dmg see my point?

offline IM Spartacus Colossus Immortality
Tuesday 28/06/2011, 13:49

The stars are Imperitive, you only get 25 of them to build a deck, in order to get Don in it take 1/5 of your stars whereas Zatman takes up less than 1/8 of them. So whereas yeah Don packs a 8 damage punch and Zatman doesn't, Zatman in a deck mean that the player can have a huge 5 star like Herman as well as Zatman.

Herman who by the way is even worse than Don, Don you get -16 attack fair enough, but with Herman you get 3 times the number of pillz you used taken off as well as the Uppers Bonus of 10 meaning a minimum of 13.

The fact of the matter is that the reason Zatman is banned is because he's a 3 star if he were a 5 star he'd probably still be allowed

offline E10din Titan Harbingers of Ares
Tuesday 28/06/2011, 14:44

Lets stop feeding the trolls......and if he's not a troll i weep for the UR IQ

offline Shook 0nes Veteran Evolution
Tuesday 28/06/2011, 15:44

Yes. @God Biscuit.. but, you still state that a 5* card may be put into the deck so either your statement is a moot point, contradicting itself or i missed something ( if i did i apologize )smiley

offline HotShot888 Guru  
Tuesday 28/06/2011, 16:09

Time to unban Ratanah, yes?

offline EZwinningS2N Imperator Second 2 None
Tuesday 28/06/2011, 17:53

Y not unban all cards except the big 5 give it a week test run n then make bans according to how the new elo since there r cards that arent even op, compared 2 some of the releases that have been coming out

offline M-Bison Titan Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 28/06/2011, 18:28

''Herman who by the way is even worse than Don''


offline Shook 0nes Veteran Evolution
Tuesday 28/06/2011, 20:52

Yes Bison... Yessmiley

offline M1XTAPE Legend  
Tuesday 28/06/2011, 21:49

Has there been any news on the staff bringing ELO back to 12 life?

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