offline Fidan-elo Veteran  
Friday 02/11/2007, 13:24

Shakra (U) (U) (U)
Dorian (U) (U) (U)
Hikiyousan (U) (U) (U)
Clara (R) (R) (R)
No Nam (C) (C) (C)
Kinjo (U) (U) (U)
Don (U) (U) (U)
Lost Hog (C) (C) (C)
Python (R) (R) (R)
Ratanah (U) (U) (U)
Macumba (R) (R) (R)
Bryan (R) (R) (R)
Nina (U) (U) (U)
Burger (U) (U) (U)
Winifred (C) (C) (C)
Mort Bax (C) (C) (C)
Sai San (U) (U) (U)
Bruce (C) (C) (C)
Jane Ramba (U) (U) (U)
Ironfield (C) (C) (C)
Tank (U) (U) (U)
Windy Mor (U) (U) (U)
Xia Leming (U) (U) (U)
Amiral Py (U) (U) (U)
Simon (C) (C) (C)
Leo (C) (C) (C)
Mitch (C) (C) (C)
Brutox (C) (C) (C)
Myke (C) (C) (C)
Titus (C) (C) (C)
Tatane (C) (C) (C)
Sakazuki (C) (C) (C)
Dash (R) (R) (R)
Pino (C) (C) (C)
Hel (C) (C) (C)
Lihoi Chun (C) (C) (C)
Warren (C) (C) (C)
Diego (C) (C) (C)
Niki (C) (C) (C)
Mini Mosu (C) (C) (C)
Sunnygoat (C) (C) (C)
Kenny (R)
ok these are my cards all of them are maxed ok buy

offline chavboi34 Novice  
Friday 02/11/2007, 22:14

Titus how much

offline ladycrossbow Senior  
Saturday 03/11/2007, 01:23

I can't sell so i will try anything to get new cards and to getrid of some of mine tell me how and what u want

offline Sifrus Master  
Saturday 03/11/2007, 01:44

How much for dorian

offline CRAZY_G_CWG Titan straight beast
Saturday 03/11/2007, 04:23

How much for you Xia Leming and Kinjo?

offline roadkill1234 Guru  
Saturday 03/11/2007, 05:36

Can i buy kenny for 500?

offline stregthbaby Master  
Saturday 03/11/2007, 06:20

Uxoh 400 please!!

offline dread skurai Titan  
Saturday 03/11/2007, 07:22

I want
no nam
lost hog
gimme prices lolz pm me them btw

offline Fidan-elo Veteran  
Saturday 03/11/2007, 08:48

Dorian for 2400

offline netibuki Master  
Saturday 03/11/2007, 10:52

Kenny for Oyoh and .............Tshern. mail me if interested

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