offline Quantum-DNA Senior DvF [A]cadamy
Sunday 12/06/2011, 13:37

Hi guys,
Well I thought of a fun,creative and exciting thing to do
Create your own LD character!!!
But there is 2 rules
1st rule : Don't make the cards too overpowered.... if you do that make a good backslash ability
2nd rule : There is no other rules other than the first rule
So get started and maybe UR may just pick your card.....

offline Quantum-DNA Senior DvF [A]cadamy
Tuesday 26/07/2011, 12:03

protect damage or bonus. your power is only 7

offline Quantum-DNA Senior DvF [A]cadamy
Tuesday 26/07/2011, 12:06


offline wats_happenin Colossus Casual Grind
Tuesday 26/07/2011, 13:12

Name: Adrienne Ld
Clan: Berzerk

Bio: What could be better than a hot chick wielding a huge knife? Nothing according to Cortez, unless of course she likes to carry 2 knives which just makes her all the more attractive. Even if she considers it just a fling and even if her muscles are starting to rival his own Cortez's heart only beats for this fiesty foreign bombshell

Stars: 3
Ability: Support: Power + 1
Final Stats: 6/4

offline wats_happenin Colossus Casual Grind
Tuesday 26/07/2011, 13:22

Name: Anya Ld
Clan: Pussycats

Bio: 'It's not what you think honey', after permanently wiping the smirk off her boyfriends face Anya LD left Poldachie-Golgovine and headed for Clint City. Found aimlessly walking the streets, Charlie brought her in and explained to her the Pussycats plight. After concluding that it meant she could kill more men like her stupid ex Anya Ld signed up and took to the streets and whilst that wasn't exactly what Charlie meant she see's no real reason to attempt to control her new found member's rage....

Stars: 4
Ability: - 8 opp attack min 2
Stats: 7/5

offline xienwolf Imperator  
Tuesday 02/08/2011, 04:50

Name: Tim Ld (Monty Python reference)
Clan: Skeelz

Stars: 5
Ability: Free Strike
Stats: 7/2

Free Strike - You always deal your damage at the start of the round in which played. That means if you win, you do double damage. If you lose, you do normal damage. So if the opponent plays Spiaghi against Tim Ld, then Tim does 1 damage guaranteed, 2 if he wins the battle. Or if the opponent plays a non-DR, non-AllStop, and Tim Ld uses Fury, he does 4 damage guaranteed, or 8 on a win.

offline JohnnoM Senior  
Tuesday 02/08/2011, 05:35

@ Tim Ld either raise damage 1-2 or power 1, or both 1.

name: Dr. Jan Ld (Scrubs reference)
Clan: Berserk

Stars: 5
Ability: Pick and Choose
Stats: */*

Pick and Choose - You start off at 0/0 and then put points in power and damage as you see fit. The amount of points you have to use depends on card lvl, clan etc. For Jan you have 12 points to use, you can put a maximum of 10 points in a category, e.g 10 power 2 damage or 2 power 10 damage.

offline The_HoAx Hero  
Tuesday 02/08/2011, 05:50

K, I get the ability but he's extremely UP and you would have to say in the ability the points that can be given.

offline JohnnoM Senior  
Tuesday 02/08/2011, 09:31

Hes not UP, if anything he is OP, you can make him a 10/2 with his bonus thats a 10/4. And yeah it would say the number in the ability.

offline Divinedevek Master Hip Hop Messiahz
Tuesday 02/08/2011, 18:34

@Dr. Jan Ld
way UP.
5* 8/4 or 8/6 is crap.
5* 10/2 or 10/4 just as bad.
5* 6/6 or 6/8 and no ability is crap.
5* 7/5 or 7/7 no ability ehhh.
5* 2/10 or 2/12 is crap everywhere and anywhere.

offline The_HoAx Hero  
Tuesday 02/08/2011, 20:22

10/4 is 3* stats, not 5*.

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