offline Quantum-DNA Senior DvF [A]cadamy
Sunday 12/06/2011, 13:37

Hi guys,
Well I thought of a fun,creative and exciting thing to do
Create your own LD character!!!
But there is 2 rules
1st rule : Don't make the cards too overpowered.... if you do that make a good backslash ability
2nd rule : There is no other rules other than the first rule
So get started and maybe UR may just pick your card.....

offline The_HoAx Hero  
Tuesday 02/08/2011, 20:26

If anything make him have 15 points and max 11 in one stat.

offline Quantum-DNA Senior DvF [A]cadamy
Sunday 07/08/2011, 11:48

Driscoll Ld
Young Driscoll had this crazy power the power of technopath, able to mentally merge with and control electronic devices, both terrestrial and alien. Discovered when he was watching to much television one night.It was quickly noticed by many clan's including the Skeelz .The result is joining the Skeelz for some unknown reason, of course that made Caelus happy.
1*: 2/3
4*7/4 Ability: Support: Damage+1
1*: Young teenage boy watching t.v
2*: Same boy but now having his eyes turning robotic and still watching t.v
3*: No longer a boy but the t.v
4*: Now manipulating mechanical items combining them into killer robots

offline Quantum-DNA Senior DvF [A]cadamy
Monday 08/08/2011, 06:15


offline Mesih Veteran Foresight
Monday 08/08/2011, 17:52

Name: Holster LD
Clan: Junkz
Story: Holster was a completely normal teenage boy - he partied, didn't care about much, and skipped class on several occasions. That is, until he rode his motorcycle over a ramp too high, the result being him without both arms. After surgery, young Holster awoke with prosthetic arms. Now, Holster finds himself at the Junkz's raves, not partying, but assaulting anyone who dares to spy on the Junkz.
1*: 2/1
2*: 5/1
3*: 6/1
4*: 8/1 Ability: -6 Opp. life, min 0.
1* A short boy without a shirt on. Two prosthetic arms are attached to him. He is smiling.
2* A taller version of the previous art, except with longer prosthetic arms. He seems to be tired.
3* Holster has a black shirt on, and his right arm has claws, while his left arm seems more blunt. His eye colors are inverted. He seems a little over-confident.
4* Holster is completely covered in black and his right arm is much longer, and his left arm is a blowtorch. He has a sadistic smile.

offline TNTgoBoom Titan URBAN MADNESS
Monday 08/08/2011, 19:54

Toa LD
Clan: Ulu Watu

Lv1- 3/2
Lv2- 4/4
Lv3- 4/5
Lv4- 5/7 Ability: -10 opp attack min 7

The younger brother of Lulabee, Toa has always idolized his older sister and has wanted to be a fire dancer like her ever since he was 10. After years of practice, Toa is the second best fire dancer on his native Island and has joined the Ulu Watu to help his sister spread the word about pollution


Lv1- a scrawny boy wearing a male fire dancer outfit

Lv2- the boy is a bit older and weilding two torches

Lv3- he's a bit more built, spinning the torches in his hands with his arms crossed and head bowed slightly

Lv4- He now has a major build, spinning his torches with his arms out and standing in a charging stance

a little weak for a 4* but the clan bonus puts him at 7, his ability makes no pill battles even, so long as he's not SOAd or SOBd. SOA or SOB does kill him completly but thats what makes him a balanced card

offline TNTgoBoom Titan URBAN MADNESS
Monday 08/08/2011, 20:21

Dashra LD
clan: Sakrohm

Lv1- 3/3
Lv2- 4/3
Lv3- 5/5
Lv4- 7/5 Ability: -3 opp life min 0

As the very first diciple of Guru Cr, Dashra was given the great honor to be given part of the name of the Great Cosmic Entity, since then he has followed Guru's every word, obeyed his every order, and never questioned him. But once Guru departed from Clint City he left Dashra to lead the Sakrohm and continue to spread the word


Lv1- a young man kneeling and staring up at the stars, wearing jeans and a tanktop

Lv2- now wearing a cerimonial robe, bald, and hands raised like he's proclaiming to the heavens

Lv3- wearing Guru's Lv4 artwork robe, weilding a staff

Lv4- now wearing a simpler robe around his waist, has a really strange tattoo on his upper body and is holding a more cerimonial looking staff up over his head

good power for a 4 star. with his damage and ability he deals a good amount of damage to opponents even if he's DRd or SOAd, the only thing that makes him less effective is both at the same time, his bonus gives him a small advantage in rounds, but not too much

offline Destro WMD Imperator  
Monday 08/08/2011, 20:53

Since it wasn't rated on the "Make-a-Card" sticky (and it was intended to be Ld in the first place) I'll repost it here:

Name: Donovan Ld
Clan: Sentinel
Type: Legendary

Reference: "Burn Notice" character Michael Westen--played by Jeffery Donovan; (art depiction would look accordingly)

Bio: Sometimes it takes more than a badge and gun to stop a criminal. You need someone on the inside, and no one excels at getting in unnoticed than Donovan (Ld). And even when things go wrong, his ingenuity ensures the job gets done right.

Lvl * : 3/1 (Ability at ***) Art: Looking at an open file on desk while eating from a yogurt cup (business casual)
Lvl ** : 5/3 (Ability at ***) Art: Wearing a suit similar to Don in final art (though slimmer) and shouting orders/pointing
Lvl ***: 8/3 "Protection: attack" Art: Same suit; now with gun drawn, Sentinel badge showing, and sunglasses

offline Quantum-DNA Senior DvF [A]cadamy
Tuesday 09/08/2011, 04:20

@Mesih Nice life reducer but you should reduce the life reducer by 1 other than that that is a killer card.
@Destro AWESOME CARD....nice ability which helps Sentinel 's attack manipulation and not overpowered at all

offline Destro WMD Imperator  
Tuesday 09/08/2011, 20:52

I'm glad someone said so! smiley I got the idea from people who use a "card" as an avatar--usually something like 8/8 with 'instant win' ability or something like that. smiley

That said, hope the staff might be watching... smiley

offline Quantum-DNA Senior DvF [A]cadamy
Wednesday 10/08/2011, 05:27

Donovan Ld the true killer of Montana, Sakrohm and uppers

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