offline Quantum-DNA Senior DvF [A]cadamy
Sunday 12/06/2011, 13:37

Hi guys,
Well I thought of a fun,creative and exciting thing to do
Create your own LD character!!!
But there is 2 rules
1st rule : Don't make the cards too overpowered.... if you do that make a good backslash ability
2nd rule : There is no other rules other than the first rule
So get started and maybe UR may just pick your card.....

offline OC_Hespera Veteran Open Casket
Saturday 25/06/2011, 23:35

Here are my ideas for every clan's Ld in the game.

Bangers: 4* 7/5,Protection: Power
Berzerk: Rexton Ld 5* 7/7, Defeat: Recover 1 pillz out of 2 (selina with 1 less power,but more damage and different bonus)
Fang Pi Clang: Yami Ld 5* 8/5,Protection: Damage
GHEIST: Legus Ld 3* 5/5, -4 opp. Power,min 3
Jungo: Pantera Ld 5* 8/4, +1 Life per damage (guess what this is a reference to)
Junkz: Hex Ld 5* 7/6, Support: +1 Pillz
La Junta: Jason Ld 4* 6/3, Support: -1 opp. Life,min 2
Montana: Tommy Ld 5* 7/6, Confidence: Stop opp. Ability
Pussycats: Lisa Ld 3* 6/4, Defeat: -2 opp. Life,min 1
Roots: I do not dare praise the Roots on anything. I hate them so much i am not even suggesting their Ld.
Sakrohm: Glibon Ld 5* 6/7, Stop opp. Ability
Sentinel: Delilah Ld 4* 7/5, Confidence: Damage +3
Skeelz: Draconius Ld 5* 7/6, Revenge: -4 opp. Life,min 4
Ulu Watu: Naliah Ld 5* 7/6, -2 opp. power,min 6
Vortex: Nexus Ld 5* 7/7, -1 opp. Power,min 5

I replaced Bella Ld and Kreenk Ld with their respective ideas because i dislike both of them.

offline TNTgoBoom Titan URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 26/06/2011, 02:47

Bella Ld and Kreenk Ld are actually pretty good. With Bella Ld you just need Drs. which Montana have. Kreenk is 9 power, which is good for a win, sure damage mimic isn't ALWAYS a good ability but when facing high damaging cards its the card you want on your side

offline hopefo Master THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE
Sunday 26/06/2011, 03:37

@Maimo: Well is he the animal or a guy in a costume?

offline hopefo Master THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE
Sunday 26/06/2011, 03:51

@Hespera: Wow most of them 4-5* and a little OP and redendent.
Bangers: Ok very usable kind of a lucas but protects power differently.
Berzerk: Truly with my whole heart better then cortez.
F.P.C.: Nice but a just find jeena, bristone, yayoi etc. tear her apart. (But who wastes them on that type of card)
GHEIST: Kind of a tula, only Walls, GHEIST and roots hurt.
Jungo: A little OP potenial life gap of 14... but five stars balances a little.
Junkz: Oh joy more amazing pill manp. for junkz, BUT not OP easy elo ban, shann!
La Junta: Like the new ability, but nine life gap, add 1 power and make him 5*.
montana: 2 more damage for the star: vito!
Pussycats: LOVE HER!!! most people would try and DR her and let her by but all in all usable!
Roots: Really? give uhm a sucky one!
Sakrohm: Nice.
Sentinel: Great another Damage adding 4*: Cosby, and miranda!
Skeelz: Logan, Eloxia, Tomas, Aylen, dwan, do they need another great 5*?
Ulu Watu: Miss lulabee!
Vortex: Great another amazing 5* for the vortex thanks.....

offline maximo6000 Imperator † OVER KILL †
Sunday 26/06/2011, 10:46

@hopefo : He's a person in a squirrel costume, scary squirrel costume smiley

offline hopefo Master THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE
Sunday 26/06/2011, 16:42

Nutty ld could be the jungo zookeeper who was near a squriel and fused with him but the squirrel slowly became a costume so he could take it off!

offline TNTgoBoom Titan URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 26/06/2011, 23:40

Well actually, he could be put in Roots, say he feels more at home when around squirrels so he made a costume and picked up their mannerisms, now he wants to do his best to protect his squirrel bretheren

offline TNTgoBoom Titan URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 26/06/2011, 23:51

Clan: Gheist

Lv1- 3/4
Lv2- 4/4
Lv3- 5/4
Lv4- 6/6 -4 opp dmage min 3

With a natural gift of imaginative creativity, and his obsession with traps and games, Jig became Gheist's go to guy when they wanted someone to disappear, he also hosts live feeds of those he takes and makes them unwilling contestants on his twisted gameshow of survival, which is a big hit among the Gheist employees

offline TNTgoBoom Titan URBAN MADNESS
Monday 27/06/2011, 00:03

Clan: Skeelz

Lv1- 3/2
Lv2- 4/3
Lv3- 5/3
Lv4- 8/4 Defeat: +5 pillz

After a mishap during surgery, Alvin died. Lucky for him he was soon revived, thing is, since that time he has been able to see, hear, and interact with ghosts. Once he told this to his best friends Logan and Praxie, they had their teacher Greem enroll him into the Skeelz academy

offline Raptorbones Guru Time Conquers All
Monday 27/06/2011, 09:25

I want a 3* magician for the berzerk who the montana didn't like so he has a vendetta against them.

Power: 7

Ability - 8 attack min 7

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