offline Quantum-DNA Senior DvF [A]cadamy
Sunday 12/06/2011, 13:37

Hi guys,
Well I thought of a fun,creative and exciting thing to do
Create your own LD character!!!
But there is 2 rules
1st rule : Don't make the cards too overpowered.... if you do that make a good backslash ability
2nd rule : There is no other rules other than the first rule
So get started and maybe UR may just pick your card.....

offline UM_Hespera Veteran URBAN MADNESS
Monday 04/07/2011, 14:37

Your description of Digien Ld is amazing,so is the card itself.
And the missions are hard,just a touch of challenge to the better players. Just great smiley

offline spinng Veteran  
Monday 04/07/2011, 18:44

Gheist ld 5
XU screwed
defeatsmileyison 2min 6
a recent attemp to clone XU52 ressulted in XU srewed.determinded to become better than him, XUsrewed took rolphs traing course

offline Divinedevek Master Hip Hop Messiahz
Monday 04/07/2011, 22:01

@ quantum. I tgink will easilt replace eloxia and aylen... May be wrong but 8/7 but if i lose you lose - 3 pillz min 2 is great except round 4 obviously.

offline Quantum-DNA Senior DvF [A]cadamy
Tuesday 05/07/2011, 13:22

Yup that is true lols...

offline Hula_Daisy Colossus Immortality
Tuesday 05/07/2011, 13:59

Name: Forrest Ld

Clan: Roots

1* 4/2
2* 5/2
3* 6/3
4* 7/5

Ability: Defeat: Recover 2 out of 3 Pillz

As Leader Of Hawk and Shawoman's Tribe Forrest was effected the most at what Zlatar did. Hawk took him to clint City and Introduced him to the Sentinel But while Hawk accepted his posistion in Sentinel Forrest Refused. After Days of Wondering the City looking for a way to get back at Zlatar he ran into Burdock who Offered him a place in the Roots who accepted him and now Roots have become like his tribe and now fights for their course if the Roots would help him with his

1: Law of The Land: Win 15 rounds with Roots
2: Magical Herbs: Gain 50 life with Roots in Deathmath
2: Coming to Nature's Defence: Reduce 50 damage with Roots in Deathmatch
3: Natures Fury: Win 5 Matches By KO
4: Natures Wrath: Deal 150 damages with Roots

offline Divinedevek Master Hip Hop Messiahz
Tuesday 05/07/2011, 16:45

No ojibway in Forrest ld's description? i personally would like more of a heegrn. 6/7 defeat recover 2 of 3 pillz. just because more damage, better forking abailty, but Forrest ld would be welcom to take lilly or tshern spot in decks that have them. burdock is a stop card so i think for same damage, he will be used. armanie is a toss up i'm not really sure

offline hopefo Master THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE
Tuesday 05/07/2011, 21:35

Sepia ld
Ulu watu
Being the younger sister of luba is has its perks. Sadly thy were both born with their disabilities. Luba's arm and Sepia's blindness. Oldly one day on the way to a G.H.E.I.S.T. lab she ended up with kirk, lulabee, and gaia. Thinking they were darth, astrid, and bristone she stayed. Still she finds that having fun and surfing is an old missions she didn't argue.
1*: 2/2
2*: 7/2 poison 2 min. 2

1: Turn a blind eye: Block 25 damage with atleast 1 ulu watu in your hand
2: Same difference: finish 10 by KO with atleast 2 ulu watu or GHEIST
3: Twins?: Win 15 fights with one of the following: kirk, lulabee or miss lulabee, gaia or gaia noel, astrid, darth, or bristone in your deck.
4: Black eye: Deal 50 damage in type 1
5: Feeling missed: win 20 fights in deathmatch.

offline Divinedevek Master Hip Hop Messiahz
Tuesday 05/07/2011, 22:48

Wuv. Numar George sepia and Gabrielle. smiley half deck or make it mono smiley

offline Six Nations Titan Open Casket
Tuesday 05/07/2011, 23:01

Jheez that half deck makes me cry :O

offline M-Bison Titan Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 06/07/2011, 00:16


Effs Ld.

4*-8/4 - SOA.


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