offline Quantum-DNA Senior DvF [A]cadamy
Sunday 12/06/2011, 13:37

Hi guys,
Well I thought of a fun,creative and exciting thing to do
Create your own LD character!!!
But there is 2 rules
1st rule : Don't make the cards too overpowered.... if you do that make a good backslash ability
2nd rule : There is no other rules other than the first rule
So get started and maybe UR may just pick your card.....

offline hopefo Master THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE
Tuesday 12/07/2011, 22:32

Good job!
BTW here are zing's missions!
Im a survivor: Deal 75 damage with a Fang Pi clang character in Survivor
A new home: Finish 10 fights play KO
Family without family: Finish 5 fights by KO with a four star.
Teacher: Gain 30 live with Zhu tang.
Hootie Ninja: Win 25 rounds in Deathmatch.

offline hopefo Master THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE
Wednesday 13/07/2011, 16:26

Yikes! Sorry for the double post here!
Mr. Clintz
Clan: Leader
Mr. Clintz is the richest man ever! He was in the uppers for a while but found them to poor to keep up so he went to the temple
of AWESOME! There he excluded himself from all clans. Now he is pursueing a new dream. To be CLINTZ!!!!
7/5 Team: -90% Exp
(So in other words he keeps undevelped cards that level by only giving them 10% exp.)
New to the club: Win 5 fights by KO with timber or Ahsigaru in your hand.
Here we go again!: Win 30 rounds with Hugo or Eyrick in hand.
LIFE FORCE!!!: Gain/block 20 damage with a leader.
Nessacary ingredients: Manipulate 25 pillz with a leader.
Your golden: Evolve 15 characters 1 level.
(I think that each mission can be completed with two leaders so beginers can chose.

offline Cosmic_Entity Colossus  
Thursday 14/07/2011, 03:52

Annie Ld
Clan: Berzerk(Yeah it's too early for them to have one but I just had an idea)
BIO: Annie was at the Red One Motel because she was escaping the Sentinel. The reason why she was escaping the Sentinel because she kidnapped Tyler. She wanted Tyler to switch back to his old roles in romance movies, but now she is a Berzerk so she at the clans beck and call. Being a Berzerk won't stop her from getting Tyler.
Lv 1 2 power 1 damage
Lv 2 4 power 3 damage
Lv 3 5 power 5 damage
Ability at Lv 3 Revenge +3 power
Art: Lv 1 A brunette, normal looking woman holding duct tape behind her back. Her hair is down to her shoulders.
Lv 2 Her skin is getting red. She is yelling at someone, hair is messy, and her knuckles are bruised because she is hitting something.
Lv 3 Her skin is Berzerk red. Her hair is still messy, has a maniacal grin, and now she is holding an axe.
Can anybody tell who she is a reference to?

offline Cosmic_Entity Colossus  
Thursday 14/07/2011, 04:13

Chikapu Ld
Clan: Junkz
BIO: Nobrocybix finally done it! He created a creature from his favorite T.V show/card game Monopek. Of course he had to create the franchise mascot Chikapu, the rabbit, mouse hybrid who can produce electricity. At first Nobrocybix thought Chikapu will be terrified of the real world, but Chikapu loves it especially the raves the Junkz throw. Now Fuzz has something to keep the flow going through a rave.
Lv 1 3 power 1 damage
Lv 2 7 power 3 damage
Lv 3 8 power 5 damage
Ability at Lv 3 Backlash -1 pill min 2
Art: Lv 1 A Pichu looking creature.Some electricity coming out from his ears. Curious look
Lv 2 A Pikachu looking creature. Some electricity coming out from his tail. Awed look
Lv 3 A Pikachu looking creature, but now has different color paint on him, balloons tied to his tail, and a smile.A lot of electricity coming from his cheeks.

offline Divinedevek Master Hip Hop Messiahz
Thursday 14/07/2011, 12:49

Cory ld
Cory ld could turn his body into paper. Cory could use this paper to do most anything. He went threw pain and now is at skeelz. unsure of his class he is given a white uniform.
7/2 -3 power min 1

offline Quantum-DNA Senior DvF [A]cadamy
Saturday 16/07/2011, 09:56

Mr Clintz is a funny first look I thought it was 90% more clintz

offline Cosmic_Entity Colossus  
Sunday 17/07/2011, 23:10

Chris Ld
BIO: Chris Redmeadow was a ex B.S.A.L agent and S.T.A.R.T agent, who came to join the Sentinel cause. Through his experiences as an agent he fought many zombies and help stop the evil Parasol company from conquering the world, but yet he haven't capture his nemesis Lester. Through his intel he tracked down Lester in Clintz City, where he has joined the GHEIST. Chris in turn joined the Sentinel to finally bring down Lester once and for all, and to probably kill some zombies.
Lv 1 2 power 2 damage
Lv 2 3 power 4 damage
Lv 3 5 power 6 damage
Lv 4 7 power 6 damage
Lv 5 7 power 8 damage
Ability at Lv 5 Protection Power

offline Quantum-DNA Senior DvF [A]cadamy
Monday 18/07/2011, 14:10

protect damage or bonus. your power is only 7

offline Cosmic_Entity Colossus  
Monday 18/07/2011, 19:01

it will be too op at least that what i think

offline Too-HM02 Guru Immortality
Tuesday 19/07/2011, 04:05

Ehh Ill guess I'll thrown in my Ld

Alisa LD
Clan: Junkz
Bio: Gil 's older sister and notorious singer for the family trio "F4T C4T", she wants nothing to do with these pathetic ravers and just wants to sing. Guess this is why she always breaks hearts and heads when the music stops.

1* : An Asian girl in a schoolgirl outfit with a white/pink laced button up shirt and a black skirt with black hair in pigtails with a neon pink headband holds a microphone with a panda on its side in one hand and throws up the peace sign with the other while smiling really large (4 power / 1 damage)

2* Same girl but now her button up shirt has the top 2 buttons unbuttoned showing a bit of cleavage. Her smile is gone and she has a menacing look now holding her microphone and the cord out horizontally in front of her. Her pink headband is getting darker and less neon (6 power / 3 damage)

3* Same girl but now she is wearing a black skirt a black fishnet top with a red tank top underneath. Her headband is not blood red and she has a black/red aura behind her. She is giving a seductive grin with her hands on her hips hunching over a bit with her cleavage showing. Her hair is now jet black with bright red streaks in her pigtails. (7 power // 3 damage and now has ability)

Ability: Leech: -2 pillz, min 3
(If Alisa LD wins the round then the opponent loses 2 pillz or to a minimum of 3 while Alisa LD's owner gains the amount of pillz lost

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