One biker makes a loner; two a couple; three and its starting to look like a club! With that in mind, Bragh and his pretty but dangerous girlfriend, Hopper Ld, have just formed the Paradise Devils and are all set to scour the roads of Clint City on their Harley. You’re welcome to join them but just don't get in their way!

Hopper Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with her. To obtain this character, you must unlock her latest mission before August 7.

offline M-Bison Titan Wise Men Distracted
Friday 08/07/2011, 23:39



Her ability is 2 min 1 lol.

offline draco1424 Veteran  
Friday 08/07/2011, 23:45

Please help me with this problem, for some reason i have completed the first mission but the second refuses to unlock, please help!!!!!!

offline sjs00 Veteran  
Friday 08/07/2011, 23:54

Dude, Hopper is min. 1.
So, if she had more damage, she really would be legendary. Like maybe 7/6. That'd be awesome.

offline aman8912 Hero *Freedom Fighters*
Saturday 09/07/2011, 00:12

Her ability is minus 2 min 1

offline suggsie baby Senior  
Saturday 09/07/2011, 01:57

I'm realy disappointed that a "weaker" clan like jungo get a bad LD like this. There is no good reason to use her over nahema in an elo deck and using her in T2 is laughable. There was a chance to make a great card here that people could realy get excited about and insted we get this, a card thats novelty value will soon fade and it will be forgotten. A great opportunity gone begging and a real let down. smiley

offline Whitedragon11 Colossus Limit Break
Saturday 09/07/2011, 02:04

The missions are not too difficult, only time consuming, Easily accessible to anyone who has a few Jungo. She is a so-so card, though I'm sure someone will find great uses for her.

To see her final art, check out deleted

offline Pilluminati Titan URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 09/07/2011, 02:22

Whoops,sometimes people put up random stats and that confuses me.

But anyway,this is better than most berserk cards out at the moment.

offline fiq oiesye Senior  
Saturday 09/07/2011, 08:23


offline 0 Pride Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 09/07/2011, 11:19

I always collect LD cards and i'm not levelling them up
just to have a satisfaction plus the fact i'm a mission grinder
and when they come back, 10 credits will be on my way smiley

offline Riflerz-AL101 Colossus Anime lovers 101
Saturday 09/07/2011, 12:56

I have all the LD so far smiley

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