No profession is without merit. Elvis worked as a professional lookalike for a very long time before turning into his own very inimitable person. Through sheer hard work, Fixit managed to open his own garage. And while Kostner wasn't cut out to be a postman long-term, who would have predicted that Ashiko, the sweet little koala bear, would one day emerge as a killer ninja?
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offline maki_mUR Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Thursday 21/07/2011, 17:20

Forgot about Marty? O.o

offline -ldvbc- LoA Guru Legends of America
Thursday 21/07/2011, 17:22

Guys c'mon, you're eating right into their hands! UR wanted to stir something up and they did! Fixit was put in the game for controversy. Period. UR is st least 2 steps ahead of you if you are really "outraged" by this card. That's what they want! this game is about calling people's bluffs and being 2 steps ahead of your opp.... you're letting them win by joining the "outrage"!

offline StargodTheta Guru The Infinite Shoeblack
Thursday 21/07/2011, 20:37

Guys fixit isnt really that good. since he will only be seen in T2 with just an SOB he becomes a 7P 6D guy which is easy to take dowwn with an eight power with attack manip. first example lehane. any high powered pirannah so he really isnt that great

offline mostDGK Senior UnaBombers
Thursday 21/07/2011, 21:15

I don't understand why people are saying SoB kills fixit he's ability keeps his bonus intactsmiley

offline maki_mUR Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Thursday 21/07/2011, 22:33

@mostDGK. no it doesn't. His ability only protects his power from being reduced by -power, not from SoB.

offline Meelosh Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 21/07/2011, 23:09

I don't have an issue with Fixit ability because it is weaker than SoA or SoB...
The issue I have is with protection power and/or damage abilities... They found a nice way to hinder clans like All Stars and Pussycats with this ability... However, if UR wants to keep things balanced, there has to be some new ability that hinders clans with opposite bonuses like Ulu Watu, Bangers, La Junta, FPC (something that is not SoB)... And that is a challenging thing to do smiley Maybe "lock opp power" ili "lock opp damage"...

offline UM_Xword Guru  
Friday 22/07/2011, 06:38

IMO Fixit is a blocker with a power bonus. Just like these guys with stop opp. ability AND stop opp. bonus (which are seen in Nightmare and Gheist). That's why I don't think he is OP, because he's made to deliver that 6 damage without flaw only (and 6 damage, while being a lot, doesn't guarantee a win). Of course, there are a lot of cards that beat him, and a lot of players WILL play him the wrong way, thinking the ability will always help them, not counting the number of pills and such.

Also, there is lot of cards that will be useless against him. But I guessed thats the way things work here in UR: a single card is never really powerful, as there are other cards to counter him. The less counter cards, the better the card. So, for example, Kolos still is more powerful than Fixit, and I don't see many people complaining to the staff about him.

But I see the real problem here is the infamous "double ability", which I think is way overestimated by you guys. Okay, it turns some cards useless, but THERE ARE other cards. It's not like you're going to build a deck full of Marinas. And this damn ability doesn't even protect him from Bangers worst enemy (IMHO): attack manipulation. I just hate playing Bangers against Montana or Uppers, as it's a sure loss for me. Lastly, like I said, his ability is a blocker, made to protect his status. Like that, I really doubt UR Staff will use the same strategy to make a card with double offensive abilities, for example.

offline wise owl Hero  
Friday 22/07/2011, 06:50

I think you should make a new all star and make a lacrosse player! that tennis and golf are the only sports you havnt done yet! and lacrosse is just awesome! >smiley

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Friday 22/07/2011, 09:33

@wise owl: Amelia, Terry Cr? But I agree on the lacrosse player.

offline zeropsia Hero  
Friday 22/07/2011, 12:59

Another All Star sport that hasn't been based on a card already is the most obvious one... sprinting.
Some may argue that it isn't really a sport, but it's probably the ORIGINAL sport. Way way way back before all these new sports with raquets etc. came out I'm almost certain sprinting/running/jogging was something people did to keep fit and challenge others in.

Sprinter. Now. smiley

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