offline Kyledon Veteran  
Saturday 16/07/2011, 13:56

...seems to be annoying me. WHY?

1. It is artificial.
2. You don't know if the decision is a SOLID decision.
3. You feel cheated which can ruin your mood. Which is really bad.

Yet, still it is a good development of UR. Congratulations to the continuous "evolution"!

offline LegendarySF Senior  
Saturday 16/03/2013, 16:35

They really are cheating, my wayne stark has 35 attack while his got 38, if i put my wayne stark at 28 attack, he will make his character lower'd 1 pill, it happened a lot of time, i tested it out.
Lets say i have 5 pill and AI has 7 pill (we both have same power)
i use out all 5 pills and the AI will use 6 pills
if i use 4 pills, the ai will use 5 pills for the next round (there's no more next round because he uses 5 pill to ko me)

offline Parousia Hero  
Sunday 17/03/2013, 08:38

One thing I noticed, whenever the AI starts the round with a DR, most of the time they only put 1 pill on him. So if you're in no danger of dying in case they pill more than that, just throw out a high damaging card with just enough attack to beat him on 1 pill, and you've gotten yourself a free round.

One thing I hate though, is that the AI posses ultra expensive cards like General Cr, Guru Cr etc. which pops out way too often compared to normal games with real players.

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